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Paul Walker's Daughter Meadow, 22, Shows Off Boyfriend in New Intimate Photo

Lois Oladejo
Jul 18, 2021
12:30 A.M.
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Paul Walker's daughter, Meadow, gave fans hints on her love life in a new picture shared on social media. The romantic post had her gushing over her boyfriend.


Late actor Paul Walker’s daughter, Meadow Walker, went Instagram official with her love life as she shared an intimate message under her boyfriend, Louis Thorton-Alan’s post.

The pair looked radiant in what looked like an outdoor hangout, as they had fans gushing over them in droves. The couple were a lovely duo as they enjoyed each other's company.

Paul Walker at Empire Leicester Square on May 7, 2013. | Photo: Getty Images



The youngster and her boyfriend cuddled up on a comfy striped chair staring into each other's eyes. She rocked a white vest and black track pants that matched the dark hue of her short wavy hair.

Meadow smiled at her boyfriend, who donned a whimsical T-shirt over a pair of khaki pants. He also rocked a purple and white baseball cap. Thornton-Alan also smiled into his girlfriend's eyes. He sweetly captioned:

"Best friend."


Fans gushed at the duo showing their affection. Meadow was also in the comment section where she declared that Thorton-Alan was the love of her life. She also caught the attention of her dad's former co-star, Jordan Brewster.

Meadow also took to her Instagram story, where she posted a romantic print of her and her boyfriend in a blue-hued setting. The duo had their faces close to each other with sweet smiles.



Following the tragic passing of Hollywood star Paul Walker in 2013, fans witnessed how his fellow star Vin Diesel helped his daughter deal with the loss.

Now Meadow adores Vin, and according to him, she is usually the first person to send a Father's Day message. He noted that seeing Meadow with his kids was one of the most beautiful things.

Meadow Walker's comment on her boyfriend, Louis Thorton-Alan’s post. | Photo: Instagram / louisthorntonallan


Vin, who feels very protective of Meadow, has shared that he learned fatherhood nuggets from Paul when he was alive. He noted that he looked up to the deceased when it came to parenting.

Vin made it known that although he was the big brother on set, Paul was his backbone in real-life parenting. The star actor made it known that Paul was his rock.


The "Fast and Furious" actor noted that Paul stood by him so much that even in the delivery room for his last child, Pauline, he felt the late actor's presence. Vin added that his mom has also attested to it.

The same love Vin has for Paul has transcended on the late star's young adult daughter. During Meadow's birthday in 2019, the 53-year-old actor relayed that he had always been proud of her.



Vin's "Fast and Furious" character Dominic "Dom" Torreto is quite particular about family, and it is safe to say that Vin has adopted some of Dom's values in his real-life activities.

Vin has also been teaching his young ones this essence. In a recent interview with ET's Nischelle Turner about "F9," Turner pointed out that Meadow recognizes the value of family and showed it on social media.


In the post, Meadow presented the image of her and Vin, which she captioned, "Family." Vin noted that he was quite impressed by this because it indicated the "success of the soul."

She also expressed family love in another of her posts where she presented a heartwarming image of the moment Vin held her and his teenage daughter, Haina, in a hearty hug.

In the same vein, Meadow has kept her dad's memories alive through the years. The actor died at the age of 40 in a crash. Paul's Porsche Carrera GT had crashed into a metal pole, and he did not survive the impact.