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Daily Joke: Grandfather Reveals How He Lost His Legs While Hunting for the Biggest Bear

Afouda Bamidele
Jul 16, 2021
08:30 P.M.
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Today’s #jokeoftheday is about a young man who visited his grandfather to inquire about how he lost his legs. After the grandpa narrated the ordeal, he found the story intriguing.


A guy who had always wondered how his grandfather lost his legs visited him one day, wanting to know the story behind the condition. After he asked the old man about his past, he got some answers.

The older adult explained that while he was in his prime, he was a great hunter who always aimed for the highest kills. Then one day, he decided he wanted to hunt the biggest bear in the whole of America.

His grandson was engrossed in the story | Photo: Shutterstock


He set out on the journey, and after searching for a long time, he found a small cave with white light for him to see through. After getting into the cave, he noticed that the bear was a tiny one.

The grandfather decided it was too small in size, perhaps it was not his target. He continued his journey through the wild and came upon another cave. This time it was a medium-sized cave.


The second cave also had a clear light. When the hunter entered, he saw a medium-sized bear whose size was no less imposing and menacing. The hunter told his grandson that it was a scary experience, but he aimed higher.

He immediately got out of the cave and went on his way. This was because he was still in search of the largest bear ever. It seemed like his dream would come true when the man reached the next cave.

This time the cave was vast and spacious. By now, his grandson was so engrossed in the story that he asked his grandfather, “Was it the biggest bear?" The old man answered, “No, it was a train.”



One day a grandpa enjoyed a cool evening rest on the patio while his little grandson played in the garden close by. After a while, the grandpa noticed that the little boy played with an earthworm.

He thought of a way to make the boy stop, so he called out to him, mentioning that he would give the young boy $10 if he put the earthworm back in its hole.

The fascinated young boy looked up and thought to himself for a while before agreeing to drop the earthworm in its hole. To do this, the boy ran into the house and got a spray. He sprayed the worm until it became stiff. He then proceeded to drop it in the hole.


His impressed grandfather went to him and gave him the promised money. The next day, he gave the boy $20. The little one was confused and asked why. The grandfather replied, “That’s from grandma.”


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