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Daily Joke: Schoolboy Annoys Grocery Store Clerk

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jul 16, 2021
10:30 A.M.
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A young schoolboy walked into a grocery store and read a long list of items to the store clerk. After a while, his questions became irritating to the clerk, but the boy had achieved his aim.


A young boy, Larry, stopped by the grocery store down his street and read the following list to the clerk: 10 pounds sugar at $1.25 a pound, 4 pounds coffee at $1.50 a pound, 2 pounds butter at $1.10 a pound, and 2 bars of soap at $0.83 each.

The grocery store clerk became irritated | Photo: Shutterstock

He asked the clerk how much everything would cost, and the clerk replied that it would cost twenty-two dollars and thirty-six cents. Larry then said to the clerk, "If I gave you three ten-dollar bills, how much change would I get?"


The grocery store clerk became irritated and replied that he would get seven dollars and sixty-four cents. Afterward, Larry made his way for the door and said to the clerk:

"I don't want to buy the items...that's our arithmetic lesson for tomorrow, and I needed some help with it."



Two friends, Fred and Brenda, walked into a supermarket, and while they were walking in the store, Fred saw a huge pile of lager cans with a sign that said “12 for a tenner.” Quickly, he rushed over and added a twelve-pack to their trolley.

Seeing what he got, Brenda quickly asked him to put it back, pointing out that they could not afford it. Then, Fred argued that it was a total bargain to get 12 for a tenner, but Brenda insisted that he drop them, and he finally obliged.

A family in a grocery store | Photo: Pexels


After a while, Brenda picked a big tub of anti-aging cream and dropped them in their trolley. Irritated, Fred asked Brenda what she was doing, and with a smile, Brenda explained that it was for her hands and face and her entire body.

She remarked that it was important to her, and it made her look beautiful. In a mocking tone, Fred said, "So does 12 cans of lager."


A kid walked into a grocery store and gave the cashier a threatening look, and demanded that she give him food free of charge or he would do what his father did.


Afraid, the cashier let him go without any charge since she was worried about what he might do. The next day, the kid returned and did the same thing, and the cashier obliged.


The kid continued his raid for a week, and one day, the cashier curiously asked the boy what his dad did, and the kid replied:

"He went to sleep hungry."

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