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Fitness Influencer Odalis Santos Mena Dies at 23 — Inside the Cause of Her Tragic Death

Joe Akins
Jul 15, 2021
01:27 P.M.
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Fans of a 23-year-old bodybuilder, Odalis Santos Mena, popularly known as "Mexican Kim Kardashian," were shocked and saddened by the news of her untimely death. Here are details of her sudden death.


23-year-old fitness influencer Odalis Santos quickly became an internet sensation through her stunning pictures and clips that showcase her impressive physical build.

Mena's reputation as a fitness influencer earned her the tag of "Mexican Kim Kardashian." With over a hundred thousand fans on social media, she was popular.



A Jalisco native, Mena's popularity soared after she participated in physical competitions. In 2019, the late 23-year-old was crowned Miss Wellness Champion and Miss Hercules and won different wellness awards.

Soon after she became known for her incredible body build, Mena used her page to share her fitness training and progress as well as promote her makeup brand and treatment items.

Before her time, Mena was a student of the University Center of the South Coast, University of Guadalajara, where she was studying for her Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition.



The Instagram influencer lost her life after undergoing a botched medical procedure to treat her excessive underarm sweating. The procedure was done at an allegedly unlicensed center, the Skinpiel clinic located in the city of Guadalajara.

Before her death, Mena had informed her fans on her Instagram that she would undergo a treatment called "Mira Dy," which she noted was to remove sweat glands, body odor, and underarm hair.


The treatment was part of a contract between the 23-year-old Mena and the clinic. The fitness builder used her status as a fitness influencer to promote the treatment and assure fans of its safety.

Shortly after the procedure, Mena was reported to have suffered a heart attack. Sources allege the procedure was not supposed to lead to any side effects and traced her death to possible negligence from non-professionals.


According to reports, an employee of the clinic who had never trained as an anesthetist anesthetized Mena as part of the treatment. But, unfortunately, it did not take long before the fitness influencer had a cardiac arrest, and all efforts to revive her were futile.

Authorities believe her shocking death was caused by the combination of the anesthesia and the steroid medication Mena was taking.


Sources from the clinic revealed that Mena was asked if she had taken any medication before the procedure, to which she replied that she had not, but close friends noted that she was under clenbuterol, creatine, and oxandrolone.

Before her death, the late 23-year-old was in a relationship with a personal trainer and nutritionist Victor Gomez Carreno. Following her sad demise, Carreno took to his Instagram to pen a touching tribute to her.


The clinic is reportedly out of operation as Mexican authorities have commenced investigation into the cause of her death. The result of the investigation will determine if the clinic would continue operating or not.


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Doctors gather around a paper with the words coronavirus written at the top and appear to be having a discussion | Photo: Getty Images



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