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Daily Joke: Man Gives Several Tips to His Friend on How to Attract Women on the Beach

Ayesha Muhammad
Jul 20, 2021
01:45 A.M.
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Today's joke will have you laughing uncontrollably and is centered around a not-so-smart man who is unable to figure out why he can't attract any girls on the beach.


Have you ever wondered how some men can get in the good graces of women while others might struggle to the point of defeat? While some guys are just plain lucky, others use their smart attitude to turn things around.

A man scratching his hand in confusion. | Photo: Shutterstock


The man in this joke has never found success in attracting women and lacked in the smartness department. He could not decipher why he was unable to pick up any women at the beach while his friend was surrounded by beautiful ladies every day.

Determined to change his current situation, the man went to his friend for advice and asked, "What can I do to pick up women on the beach?"

His player friend thought for a moment and said, "Hmmm, let's start with your hair. You should get the cool haircut I have as a start. Go down to this salon, tell them to give you the haircut they gave me. It should make a big difference."


A barber giving a haircut to a man. | Photo: Pexels/Kaique Rocha

After talking to his friend, the man went straight to the said salon. He mentioned his friend's name and asked them to give him the recommended haircut. As a result, the man was given the desired haircut, alongside the products to put in his hair and how to use them.


Although the man was not that bright, eventually, he got the hang of it. So the next day, he showed up on the beach with his stylish new hairstyle, but to his dismay, it didn't help. In other words, he was still unable to attract any women.


The man was confused and sought his friend's advice again. "So I tried the haircut, and it hasn't worked. Now what?"

"Well. Let's work on your tan. It's, well, not great. Uneven, weird tan lines. What you need to do is go down to the spray tan people and get it sorted. Here's the best one. Tell them I sent you and get the same thing they give me," replied the player friend.

Once again, the man complied and went straight to the spray tan people who offered him the best treatment. The next day, he hit the beach looking fantastic, but he could not impress any girls.


Although the man was quite dim, he was slowly running out of patience, so he asked his friend again: "Now, what can I do?"

The player buddy told him to calm down and gave him another piece of advice. "Okay, okay, next is your swimsuit. You gotta lose the trunks. Get a tight Speedo, like mine. A pair of squeezers. Nothing to the imagination. Here's the store where you should get them. Tell them I sent you."

So off he went and bought himself a very tight swimsuit as his friend had suggested. By now, the man had a snazzy haircut, perfect tan, and sexy swimsuit, so he headed to the beach, but once again, nothing happened.


The man couldn't contain his disappointment any longer and ran straight to his player friend to complain. "What am I doing wrong? There must be some secret you're not telling me!"


"Well, okay. I do, in fact, have a secret," his friend admitted. Carefully reading the expression on the man's face, he continued: "Yes. Tomorrow, before you go to the beach, put a potato in your Speedo. You will get the attention of the ladies for sure. I guarantee results."

Like always, the man did exactly as his friend told him. With a slick haircut, fantastic tan, perfect swimsuit, and a potato in his Speedo, he went to the beach, but he still had no luck in the women's department.


So he ran off to his friend and demanded, "What am I doing wrong?"

It seemed the playboy finally understood the man's dilemma, and he said: "My friend, you're so close. Tomorrow, I guarantee it really will work, but you have to do one thing."

Desperate to try anything, the man asked: "What?!"

"Tomorrow, put the potato in front."

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