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Daily Joke: Three Friends Went On a Picnic to Relax On a Sunday

Laura Beatham
Jul 20, 2021
09:15 P.M.
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Three friends, Jack, Mark, and Alex, decided to end their week with a relaxing picnic at their local park. All three had gone through a very stressful work week, but Mark's week had been horrible.


During the week, Mark found out his dog was very sick and would have to be put to sleep. He also lost a promotion he had worked hard for and spent part of his savings on fixing up his car after getting into a minor accident.

The three friends sat down to enjoy their picnic. | Photo: Shutterstock


Mark was looking forward to spending time with his two best friends, enjoying the sunshine and the delicious food they had all prepared for their Sunday picnic.

Jack had bought a gorgeous fruit platter with a yogurt and chocolate dipping sauce. Alex had prepared the most stunning cheese board with three different pieces of cheese, tasty jams, and lovely pickled cucumbers.

Mark reached into his backpack to pull out the club sandwiches he had spent all night making. He pulled out two sandwiches but then began to search his huge backpack.

Jack and Alex waited patiently for Mark to pull out the sandwiches. | Photo: Pixabay/Free-Photos


Jack and Alex noticed their very concerned friend, so Jack asked, "Hey Mark, what's going on?"

"I made six club sandwiches last night, but I can only find two in my backpack!" Mark exclaimed.

Alex, wanting to calm his friend down, said, "Oh, man. Don't worry about it, Mark. Between the two sandwiches and this beautiful spread Jack and I brought we will definitely have enough food."

Unfortunately, Alex's words only made Mark more frustrated. "You don't get it!" Mark yelled to his friends, "I spent all of last night preparing these sandwiches, grilling the chicken, frying the bacon, and chopping the tomatoes!"


Mark had no idea where his missing sandwich was. | Photo: Pexels/RODNAE Productions

He then dove into his bag, frantically searching for the sandwiches. "Come on, man," Jack said to try and encourage his friend to join them eating on the picnic blanket.


"No! Shut up!" Mark said as he tipped his backpack upside down, desperately trying to find the remaining club sandwiches.

Alex looked at Jack and whispered, "This guy really needs to calm down and chill. It is just a couple of sandwiches. There really is enough food here." Jack nodded his head in agreement.

Mark was very angry at his friends. | Photo: Pixabay/Olya Adamovich


Mark heard his friends judging him, and it made him very angry. Suddenly, he ran towards his two friends and tackled Alex to the floor. He sat on him and started shoving cheese into Alex's mouth.

"Mark! Stop it! " shouted Jack. "You're going to choke him!" In reaction to Jack's demands, Mark pounced on him, pulled on his hair, and slapped him through the face.

"You do not understand!" Mark screamed in Jack's face. "I need to find these sandwiches." Mark then turned his attention back to Alex and started chasing him around their picnic blanket, shouting all kinds of profanities at him.

While Jack and Alex were being chased by Mark, who had started throwing pieces of fruit at them, a passerby watched them. He then shook his head and said, "It looks like that guy was a few sandwiches short of a picnic."

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