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Daily Joke: Three Turtles Decide to Go on a Picnic

Kareena Koirala
Feb 01, 2021
04:20 P.M.
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Three turtles named Mose, Mike, and Mark went on a picnic one fine day. After they reached their destination, they noticed they had forgotten to pack their bottle opener.


Mose, Mike, and Mark were excited to go on a picnic for the first time in 5 years. They packed their little bags with delicious sandwiches, soda, and chips.

The picnic spot was five miles away. The amigos decided to walk and enjoy the view on their way. After walking for 10 whole days, they finally reached the picnic stop.

Three turtles. | Source: Pexels/SamarPatil

Three turtles. | Source: Pexels/SamarPatil


"What a lovely place!" Mose said, his voice dry due to dehydration. "Let's pop some sodas now, my dudes."

Mike dug into their bag to look for a bottle opener. After looking for a minute, he realized he forgot to pack it. "We don't have it. I left it on the kitchen floor," he said with a bummed look.

A turtle. | Source: Pexels/MarkusWinkler

A turtle. | Source: Pexels/MarkusWinkler


After some discussion, the trio decided Mark would be the one to go get it. It was a long journey, sure, but they were willing to wait to have a perfect picnic.

Mark was reluctant at first, but he ultimately decided to go. "Don't eat anything before I get back, okay?" he warned before setting out on his 20-day journey.

Three turtles. | Source: Pexels/ScottYounkin

Three turtles. | Source: Pexels/ScottYounkin


Mose and Mike patiently waited for their pal to get back. On the 20th day, they excitedly looked on as they waited for Mark to come back, but he never did.

By now, Mose and Mike were extremely hungry and tired. It had been 23 days since they last saw Mark and they were starting to lose hope.

"One sandwich and a soda won't hurt, you know," Mose suggested.

"No! We made a promise to Mark and we are going to keep it," Mike insisted.


On the 24th day, Mose hungrily stared at Mike. "I had never noticed your bare skin before, amigo," he said. "You look deliciously smooth."

"Cut it out! You're giving me the creeps," Mike said.

That night, Mike had a nightmare that Mose was trying to eat him up. He suddenly woke up and to his horror, Mose was drooling over his leg and about to bite it.


"What the hell?! Get off me, you freak!" he jerked Mose off. "Alright, this is it. I think Mark abandoned us and went to the wings station down the street. Let's pop a soda and eat the sandwiches," he said.

Just when Mose and Mike were about to take their first bite, Mark appeared from behind the rock and said, "I knew it! Just for that, I’m not going!"

Source: Reddit

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