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Daily Joke: Student Offers Unexpected Way to Fix the Broken Car of His Friend

Afouda Bamidele
Jul 20, 2021
08:30 P.M.
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Four friends were driving in a car when it suddenly broke down. There was no way they could get help fixing the car fast, so they thought of what to do about the unfortunate situation.


One of the car's occupants, an engineering student, noted that the vehicle's problem must be concerned with the mechanical aspect of the engine, and there was nothing he could do about it.

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However, a second friend in the car who was a chemistry student explained that the engineering student was wrong. He argued that the situation was obviously caused by faulty gasoline, and there was nothing they could all do.

A third student, an electrical engineering student in the vehicle, turned to his friends and explained that the problem was with the ignition. As for the last occupant, an IT student, he surprised his friends with his suggestion.


He turned to them and explained that they should all come down from the vehicle, close the door, come back in after a while and try starting the car again to see if that would solve the problem.


One day, a young lady took a trip down San Diego, but two hours before reaching her destination, she was waved down by a man whose truck broke down. When she stopped, the man walked up to her and asked if she was heading to San Diego.


She gave him a positive answer and asked if he wanted a lift. Hearing this, the man replied that he sure needed a ride but not for himself because it would take hours before he could fix his broken truck.

He further explained that he had two chimpanzees at the back of his truck, and they needed to be taken to the San Diego zoo. The man told her that the animals were already stressed, and he didn't want to keep them on the road longer.


He also offered to pay $100 if she could help get them to the zoo. She accepted, and the chimpanzees were imminently transferred to the back seat of her car.

The truck driver finally fixed his vehicle and was driving through the heart of San Diego when he suddenly stepped on the brakes. Across the street was the young lady and the two chimpanzees holding hands as they took a stroll.


The man came down from his vehicle and ran to the lady and he was furious. He wanted to know why she was taking a stroll with the animals after he paid a hundred dollars for her to take them to the zoo. However, looking at him, the lady said:

"Yes, I know you did but, we had money left over, so we went to the movies."

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