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Diana Ross' 5 Look-alike Grandkids Are The 'Cousins Crew' as They Posed in Rare Outdoor Photo

Oyin Balogun
Jul 20, 2021
10:50 A.M.
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Five of Diana Ross's gorgeous look-alike grandchildren have come together to form the "Cousins Crew." See the crew's first set of photos together and learn more about them.


Diana Ross is the matriarch of a beautiful and well-blended family; her children are talented high profile individuals who have, in turn, given birth to iconic children who are taking over the hearts of the country's citizens picture by picture.

One of the recent photos that caught five of the iconic singer's eight grandkids surfaced recently on social media, and it caused quite a stir among the family's fans.


The photos were shared via Chudney Ross's Instagram story; her kids were also part of the five who posed for the crew shot.

The picture was taken outdoors, seemingly at some sort of gender reveal event, and it featured all the kids seated in no particular order on a blue mat laid out on the grass. There were a lot of balloons on the scene.

Diana Ross with her family at the 2017 American Music Awards on Nov. 19, 2017 in California | Photo: Getty Images


All the children except Chudney's first daughter had their hands raised, but like her, they all wore pleasant expressions — Chudney's second daughter, who wore a cute pink dress and held a gold balloon, just looked like she was trying to figure out the happenings around her.

As earlier stated, Diana's family is a well-blended one; the singer has a total of eight grandchildren from five kids. Her children were a product of her different marriages, but none have ever felt any less love from the woman who some consider a national treasure.

Diana Ross, her kids and grandkid at the Grand Opening of Books & Cookies, held at Books and Cookies on May 14, 2011 | Photo: Getty Images


Indeed, all her kids have sung her praises since their voices started gaining volume in their respective life paths. They all agree that they grew up in her embrace even while she maintained her hectic career.

Diana flexibly juggled motherhood and musical career successfully, and her children now hope to emulate her as they raise their own broods. Meet the kids.



Bronx is widely regarded as Diana's oldest step-grandson. He was born in November 2008 after his mom, Ashlee Simpson, ended things with her ex-husband Pete Wentz. She married Evan in 2014 and easily blended in with his famous family.

Diana is a "great grandmother" who is witty enough to keep up with the antics of her grandchildren.



Raif Rodney is Diana's second grandson, and he was welcomed by Rhonda and her husband Rodney in August 2009. The two doting parents have been married since 1996.

Like Diana, Rhonda has a deep love for motherhood and even went as far as taking a break from her work to focus on raising her child and being a wife to Rodney.

Diana Ross's grandkids posing in rare outdoor photo | Photo: Getty Images



Chudney Ross welcomed her first child, daughter Callaway, in September 2012, bringing Diana's grandkids to three. Chudney married Joshua Faulkner in 2015.


Evan adopted Bronx, but he and Simpson still desired a child of their own. So in July 2015, they welcomed their first child — to the delight of Diana.



Leif was born in June 2016 to Ross Naess and his wife, Kimberly Ryan. The cute child is the "If We Hold on Together" singer's fifth grandkid.

Ross and his gorgeous wife expanded their family, invariably giving Diana another grandbaby, when they welcomed son Indigo in August 2017.



Diana celebrated another grandchild's birth when adorable Everlee was born in November 2019. The tour's father is Chudney's husband, Josh.


Ziggy is Diana's youngest grandchild, and he was born on October 29, 2020. They announced his arrival on Instagram; she posted a snapshot of the baby boy and wrote,

"10-29-2020 Ziggy Blu Ross. Our sweet boy has arrived! I'm over the MOON … we are so Blessed!"


Evan also gushed over the delivery on his Instagram page and shared the same image, writing, "Our son has arrived! I'm in heaven."


Diana has been certified a great mother by all of her children, so it does not come as much of a surprise that she displays just a similar amount of dedication to her grandkids.

Diana Ross's grandkids posing in rare outdoor photo | Photo: Getty Images


Her oldest daughter Rhonda told People last year that Diana is a "great grandmother" who is witty enough to keep up with the antics of her grandchildren without being too strict or too laid back with them.

All her kids agree that Diana is unlikely to retire to focus on family but would rather keep juggling her life as a celebrity with being a mother and grandmother. It's been a successful exercise so far, and that won't change anytime soon.