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Daily Joke: Young Monk Helped Discover a Drastic Mistake In a Copy of an Original Manuscript

Afouda Bamidele
Jul 24, 2021
03:55 P.M.
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A young monk joined a new monastery, and he was assigned the job of assisting the other monks in how to copy the ancient canons and the laws of the church manually.


The new monk worked for a few weeks, and he immediately noticed that the other monks had been copying from older canon copies instead of the original book of the law.

The young monk made an important discovery. | Photo: Amomama

The young monk made an important discovery. | Photo: Amomama


He kept to himself for a while, making sure his observation was correct. After confirming this, he went to the office of the senior abbot in charge and explained what he noticed.

He pointed out the issues and also the adverse effects. The young monk shared that the problem with copying from other copies could result in errors that would continue to be passed down.

The young monk went to report his discovery | Photo: Shutterstock

The young monk went to report his discovery | Photo: Shutterstock


At this point, the abbot noted that copying from old copies has always been the practice, and there have been no complications thus far. However, he pondered on the new monk's suggestion.

He then agreed that the monk was right because mistakes could indeed be passed down. The abbot decided to take precautions. He went down to the dark caves beneath the monastery.


In there was a compartment where old records and the original manuscript of the law were kept. The place had been under lock and deserted for hundreds of years.

When the head abbot got there, he got to work, searching for the original books. He was there for a long time, going over hundreds of manuscripts and histories.


The young monk who was waiting in his chambers noticed that it had been hours since the abbot went down to the cave. He waited a little more time before becoming worried.

Concluding that he had waited enough, the young monk went down the old cave calling out to the abbot and asking if he was alright. After searching for some minutes, he located the abbot.


There on his knees, the abbot sat, with many books scattered all over the place. He was also crying and banging his head on the wall. The abbot kept lamenting, "We missed the R ! We missed the R ! We missed the R !"

The young monk was confused by this so he moved closer to the abbot. At this point, he saw blood and bruises on the abbot, who was crying uncontrollably.


He kept his arms around the abbot and asked him, "What's wrong, father?" Fighting to control the tears rolling down his face and clogging up his throat, the abbot shouted: "The word was...CELEBRATE!!!"

If you enjoyed these jokes, you might just find this one even more hilarious. It is about a monk who had taken a vow of silence and could only say two words annually until something went wrong.

Sources: Reddit.com

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