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Daily Joke: Man Who Is Convinced the Earth Is Flat Dies and Meets St. Peter

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jul 21, 2021
08:30 P.M.
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A man who believed the earth was flat all his life died and went to heaven. When he got to the Pearly Gates, he was met with the most surprising realization.


He saw Saint Peter and he was excited to behold the bible character. Saint Peter congratulated the flat-earther, letting him know he was certified to go into heaven.

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At this utterance, the great gates opened and with eagles ushering the man in. He walked through, and as Saint Peter returned to his post, the flat-earther stopped him. He said to Saint Peter: “I’ve got to know… is the earth round or flat?”

Saint Peter burst into laughter as he answered the flat earther, letting him know that the earth was round. The man was shocked for a few minutes, unable to utter a word.


He stood transfixed on one spot until he felt the rush of realization. He gathered himself together and said, "Oh, I see. This conspiracy goes higher than I thought.”


A man was traveling on a path, and after driving for a while, his car stopped because of a flat tire. The man raised his head and saw that the vehicle stopped in front of an insane asylum.


When he got out to change the tire, he noticed a patient staring at him intently from one of the windows. The man became uneasy and immediately got to work so he could change it fast and drive off.

While he screwed out the flat tire, the patient continued staring at him. Because the man was in a hurry, he accidentally dropped the four lug nuts of the tire into the drain.


Seeing what happened, he was so confused about what to do. He stood there scratching his head until he heard a voice from his back. It was the patient who was by the window.

The patient advised him to take out one lug from each of the other good tires to screw the last tire. The man did this and was surprised that it worked.

He commended the patient and asked why he was in an asylum. The patient replied: “I’m crazy, not stupid.”

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