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Daily Joke: Private in the Army Was Given an Unusual Weapon for Combat

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jul 25, 2021
01:00 A.M.
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An army private took to the battlefield with nothing but a dustpan and a broom. The unusual weapons proved effective in slaying the enemies until he met his match.


On the day of the scheduled visit to obtain his weapons, the private overslept. Upon waking up, the soldier rushed to the quartermasters and ended up as the last in line.

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After standing for hours, the private reached the desk and received the heartbreaking news that there were no guns left as the previous person received the last one. The attendant looked at the dejected soldier for seconds before taking out a broom and handing it to him, saying:

“But hold on there. Take this broom. Point the handle at the enemy and say ‘Banga Banga!’ and you should be just fine.”


Seeing as he had no choice, the private accepted the broom and raced off to the next desk to collect his stabbing knife. Again, he was the last in line. Just as the private cursed his luck, the knife master took out a dustpan and handed it over to the private, saying:

“Here, take this. And when the enemy gets close, pull that out and make a stabbing motion while saying “Stabba Stabba. That should work.”


Looking skeptical, the soldier collected the dustpan reluctantly and headed out to the frontlines. This time, he ended up at the center of all the chaos, with bullets flying around and people falling dead. There was little the private could do with his broom and dustpan.

Finally, he decided to try out his unusual weapons. Feeling stupid, the soldier pointed the broom at a distant enemy and screamed, “Banga! Banga!”


The enemy dropped dead immediately. Unable to contain his astonishment, the military man pointed the broom at more enemies, screaming the magic words continuously. More people fell dead, to his delight.

Finally, one of the enemies made his way to the man, making it impossible to stretch out the broom. The soldier reached for the dustpan and made a stabbing motion while screaming, “Stabba! Stabba!” The enemy fell dead immediately.


Thus the private continued his combat relentlessly, defeating all the enemies within reach, using either his broom or his dustpan.

Suddenly, the private sighted a large target in the distance, and aimed his broom at him, shouting, “Banga! Banga!” Surprisingly, the bullet hit the target and bounced off without so much as a scratch.

He tried repeatedly, getting the same result. Soon, the enemy began closing in, giving the private a better view of his unnaturally gigantic build, almost like a giant.


The soldier then took his dustpan and made the stabbing gesture, while screaming the magic word. This time, the dustpan broke into tiny pieces, leaving the military man shrouded in fear and dismay.

Soon the enemy reached the private, raised his giant legs, and crushed him underneath his feet. And just before breathing his last, the private heard the large man bellow:

“Tanka! Tanka!”

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