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Daily Joke: Son of Owner of a Seafood Restaurant Finds Secret Ingredient of Delicious Dish

Afouda Bamidele
Jul 26, 2021
10:30 P.M.
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The owner of a restaurant was desperate to find out the secret to his rival's delicious meals. So he sent his son as an undercover cook at the rival's restaurant.


The man made sure to give his young son all the necessary instructions before sending him on his way. When the boy got there, he immediately got into character, acting as an apprentice cook.

The undercover work couldn't still replicate the taste of the rival's food | Photo: Shutterstock


When it came time for the chief cook to prepare his delicious chowder, the young cook paid rapt attention, making sure to take notes of everything the restaurant owner mixed into it.

When he got home, he wasted no time penning all the details, even to the tiniest instruction. After he and his father prepared the dish, it turned out terrible. The father sent him back to the rival's restaurant.

When the young cook got back there, he once again followed through, making sure to take in all the details. When he got home, he told his dad, he had learned to make the chowder.

The son could not wait to take the rival's recipe home to his dad | Photo: Shutterstock


The two quickly got to work and followed all the instructions gleaned from the rival cook. After cooking, they discovered it did not entirely turn out like the rival's own because it was watery.

This father and son were confused and wondered what went wrong. The boy thought that he must have been distracted when the rival cook added his secret ingredient to the food.

His dad agreed with him that it must have been what happened. The next day, the boy was at the rival's restaurant again, this time determined to get all the details.


He walked into the kitchen and did all his duties until the senior cook came in. The man took over, and the boy stood by his side, paying rapt attention. This time, he did not heed to any distractions, not even the game playing on TV.

After the restaurant closed for the day, he went home and called out to his dad, sharing that he had found the secret recipe. His father immediately asked him what it was, and the boy replied:

"You'll never believe what I saw! He did have a secret ingredient; it's a piece of paper!"


The dad was puzzled by this, but the boy explained that each time the senior chef was in the kitchen, he kept a stack of printed Wikipedia papers about movies by his side.

The boy noted that he would add a piece of the Wikipedia movie synopsis in the broth whenever the chef prepared the chowder. The boy stated that it was strange, but it was the secret ingredient. His father thought to himself for a while and said:

"Ah, the plot thickens."


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