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Daily Joke: Husband Returns Early from Work While His Wife's 2 Lovers Are Still in the House

Afouda Bamidele
Jul 31, 2021
05:00 P.M.
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It was a new week, and a man in an excellent mood got dressed and left his house promptly for the office. Before he stepped out, he kissed his wife and was soon on his way.


Once the man's car was out of view and off to the central road, the wife knew he was already far off. She immediately got washed, sprayed her finest perfumes, and dressed lovely.

The joy that her husband was now safely away from the house | Photo: Shutterstock


She called her two lovers, and they were in her home in a flash. The trio headed to the couple's bedroom, but while they were inside, the wife heard her husband's car.

She was stunned beyond words and looked through the window and saw for sure her husband was driving into the garage. She became frantic as she tried to hide her two lovers.

Without wasting any more time she excitedly called her lovers | Photo: Shutterstock


The woman immediately instructed her first lover to hide inside the attic upstairs and told her other lover to hide under the bed. When the coast seemed clear, she went down to meet her husband.

The two came upstairs into the bedroom, and the husband looked downcast. The woman tried to calm him as she asked what went wrong. He hesitated for a while but decided to talk.


The man explained to his wife that everything seemed fine at work until his boss ushered him into the office and fired him. The wife was full of pity and tried to comfort him. She said, "Oh hon, don't worry, he who is up there shall provide for us."

As if that was not enough, the dejected man explained that while he was driving home, he was involved in an accident that damaged the car. The wife replied, "Don't worry, for he who is up there shall provide for us."


To make matters worse, the couple's properties were not insured, including the car. The man started apologizing to his wife, noting that it was his fault that their properties were not insured.

The woman did not seem to be worried, as she was calm and collected. She replied once again, "Don't worry, my love, for he who is up there shall provide for us."


All the while, the woman's lovers were listening in silence. However, after her last utterance, the guy up in the attic jumped down with urgency and said to the woman and her husband:

"I ain't providing nothin! How bout you tell the other guy under the bed to provide, huh?"

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