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Fire Truck Is Blocked by Red BMW: Owner Was Reportedly Shopping

Bettina Dizon
Jul 29, 2021
09:20 A.M.
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A Reddit video went viral as it showed a woman looking annoyed as she moved her car that was parked in the middle of the road, blocking the way of a fire truck.


Double parking or leaving a car in the middle of the road not only causes inconvenience but also delays emergency responders, such as fire trucks and ambulances, from saving lives.

Recently, a Reddit user went viral for sharing a short clip of the commotion outside their balcony. In the footage, a big fire truck with sirens blazing through the street had to wait as a red BMW blocked the road.

Screenshot from a viral Reddit post. | Source: Reddit.com/MrJackDog


The fire truck had nowhere to go for ten minutes as the vehicle owner left her car double-parked while the hazard lights flashed. People looked inside the vehicle to see if anyone was there, hoping to lighten the situation.

After several minutes, a curly-haired woman in a light green dress walked towards the car and entered with no sense of urgency. As seen in the video, she looked inconvenienced and annoyed as she threw her white purse in the passenger seat.

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A firetruck driving through the city. | Source: Getty Images


The Reddit community was outraged at the sight of the ignorant woman, who did not care about the lives at risk while the fire truck was stopped from movement. One comment read:

"Love the horn blare right when she's at her car door. Her ears will be ringing for a while."

Other Reddit users claimed that the fire truck should have swept the car away, as they should be given the right of way. However, others noted that doing so would cause damage to the other vehicles properly parked on the road.

A woman entering her car, which blocked the road. | Source: Reddit.com/MrJackDog


It seems that blocking the road is common in many places. According to one user whose brother is a firefighter, many people do not follow the "do not block driveway" sign near his station.

Mainly, parents of children in a nearby school leave their cars blocking the street while getting their kids. A similar situation in Johor, Malaysia, occurred when a vehicle blocked the path of a fire truck and became the unofficial escort of the truck.

A TikTok user shared the clip of a Wira car blocking the fire truck as its siren alerted others. While cars supposedly move out of the way for the emergency vehicle to pass, the Wira did the unthinkable and stayed right in front of the truck.


A woman entering her car, which blocked the road. | Source: Reddit.com/MrJackDog

The vehicle's driver even switched on its hazard lights, rolled down the window, and used their hand to stop other cars while taking the opportunity to avoid traffic.


When the traffic lightened, the Wira finally steered clear of the fire truck's way. Several social media users were horrified by the car and took their frustrations out in the comments section. One person, as told by The Smart Local, said:

"Obviously the car is not being helpful, but taking advantage. He could have just went left and gave way."

A fire truck that cannot pass on the road. | Source: Reddit.com/MrJackDog

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