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Daily Joke: Judges Were Surprised at the Olympics of Who Had the Most Children

Laura Beatham
Jul 28, 2021
10:00 A.M.
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One day a special competition was held called "The Olympics of Children," and the event's purpose was to see who had fathered the most children. Three men decided to compete, including an American, a Brit, and a Filipino.


The Olympic event started, and the massive 80,000 seater stadium was filled by the audience. The event was sold out, and every seat was taken. In fact, even the stairs and hallways were filled with people who wanted to watch.

What an interesting Olympic event! | Photo: Shutterstock


The first contestant was an American. He walked into the middle of the stadium and asked for the gates to be opened. Suddenly, six busses painted with the American flag came in.

The bus doors opened and 300 people wearing blue T-shirts with their father's family name on their chests came out. They circled the American contestant and started waving to the crowd.

The American man then shouted, "I present to you, my 300 children!" The crowd began to applaud the man and his children. The American was very proud and believed there was no way the other two contestants could have more children than him.

Will the American win the contest? | Photo: Pixabay/Free-Photos


He then walked to one side of the grounds with his children, with his head high and his fists in the air, believing he had already taken the trophy. The judges were also impressed and gave an approving nod while clapping.

However, the British contestant was not impressed. He scoffed and shouted to the American, 'Ha! Is that it? Is this amateur night or something?"

The Brit then walked to the center of the stadium grounds and asked the crowd to calm down. As the crowd became silent, he asked for the dome roof to be opened.

The stadium was huge and filled with 80,000 people | Photo: Pixabay/Markus Christ


The judges, the American, and his children were confused, but as soon as the roof opened, 1,000 men and women came floating down with British flag parachutes and T-shirts bearing their family insignia.

All 1,000 people were the British contestant's offspring. The Brit's children circled the man, lifted him as he shouted, "Behold, my amazing children! All 1,000 of them!"

The American was completely shocked, as he didn't think the Brit could beat him. The crowd began to applaud louder than before. The judges were also impressed and started eagerly clapping for the Brit.

How could anyone beat this? Would the Filipino contestant be able to beat the Brit?


The Brit thought he had won the competition! | Photo: Pixabay/Gerard De Mooij

The Brit walked to the opposite side of the stadium with his children, feeling proud and mighty. He assumed he had won and began to plan his winner's speech. The crowd applauded, and the Brit waved and thanked them.


Finally, it was the Filipino contestant's turn. He walked into the middle of the dome, but nothing around him suggested he came with children. He didn't ask for the gates or the roof to be opened. He just stood in the center.

A minute passed, and still, nothing happened. The American, the Brit, their children, and the judges were silent, waiting for something to happen, but the Filipino contestant stood still.

There was no way the Filipino contestant could win! | Photo: Pixabay/titus_jr0


No one knew what he was going to do. Surely there was no way he could win. The judges looked around, looking for any indication of what could be hiding his children or where a grand entrance could come from.

The British contestant started to laugh at his opponent, already thinking he had won. The British children joined their father and started laughing at the Filipino contestant too.

The American and his children also started joining, and the Brit began to walk to the trophy, ready to claim his prize. The two families continued to laugh, all while the Filipino contestant stood still.

The Filipino man continued to stand still and did not do anything. | Photo: Pixabay/Mabel Amber


But suddenly, the Filipino contestant raised his hands, and the crowd went silent, so silent that the birds chirping could be heard. However, the Brits, Americans, and judges were all very confused.

Then a tiny sound started from the back of the crowd as a chant steadily grew. The Brit whispered to his children, "What is going on? What are they chanting?" The Brit's smile suddenly turned into a shocked look.

As the chant grew louder, he and the other contestant heard the chant, and their dreams of winning decreased. "Go, daddy, go! Go, daddy, go! Go, daddy, go!" the crowd chanted.

The huge crowd all started chanting together! | Photo: Pixabay/Ganossi


The audience started taking off their sweaters and revealed T-shirts with the Filipino flag and their family name. Their chanting continued to increase, like a football game's crowd singing loudly when a goal was made.

All 80,000 audience members were his children, and each was very excited to cheer him on and help him win the Olympics of who had the most children.

The crowd burst into a booming noise, whistling, screaming, and cheering on their father! The Filipino contestant had a huge smile on his face and said to the Brit, "Not so Great now, hey Britain?"

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