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Barry White's Look-Alike Daughter Celebrates Anniversary with Her Rarely-Seen Husband on Vacation

Stephen Thompson
Jul 29, 2021
05:20 P.M.
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Barry White was loved by many for his hit songs, and most especially his stunning baritone voice. Although he died in 2003, his legacy continues to live on through his kids, who have remained very private.


Barry White was an American viral singer, songwriter, record producer, composer, and musician. Often his voice was described as "the sound of melting caramel," which eventually got him a Grammy award. Sadly, the icon died at 58 but still lives on in the memory of his kids.

Recently, the singer's look-alike daughter, Shaherah, commemorated her marriage anniversary. The middle-aged woman took to her Instagram story to celebrate the special occasion, with pictures from a vacation with her husband. Let's take a glimpse into Shaherah's happy post.

Barry White poses for a portrait at his home in Sherman Oaks, California in 1987 | Photo: Getty Images



In one of the photos, Shaherah and her husband appeared to be sharing a romantic moment on a beach. The former was clad in a plain brown hat paired with sunglasses and leaned in for a kiss from her beau.

On the other hand, Shaherah's husband wore a gray cap and dark glasses, smiling subtly. The second image showed off Shaherah's goofy side, as she smiled from ear to ear, sticking out her tongue.


She placed her hand on her husband's head while he appeared shirtless and relaxed, grinning and revealing his dental structure. Captioning the image, Shaherah wrote:

"I have never loved the way I get to love you."



Time and again, Shaherah has opened up about her relationship with her husband via social media. In an Instagram post, the raving beauty revealed the reason her husband chose her for a wife.

According to her, the married man loved her and believed they were greater together than they could ever be apart. Shaherah also said,

"His love allows me to be the woman I was created to be and encourages me through it all like no one before."

Barry White's daughter Shaherah celebrates anniversary with husband | Photo: Instagram/shaherah_love


Finally, she relayed that they were together in adventure, love, and partnership because love was the reason for their marriage. When it comes to love, Shaherah appears to have taken after her legendary dad.

During a 1995 interview with Rolling Stone, White urged people to love as honestly as possible, just like he did. The icon got married to his high school sweetheart, Mary, and they divorced in 1969.

In 1974, he tied the knot with singer Glodean James and reportedly called it quit in 1988. White had a total of nine children from his marriages and ensured that they were loved adequately.

Barry White's daughter Shaherah celebrates anniversary with husband | Photo: Instagram/shaherah_love



White was born on September 12, 1944, in Galveston, Texas. He spent most of his young days in Los Angeles and began his love for music as a teenager, singing in a Baptist Church choir.

In 1969, he formed a female vocal group called "Love Unlimited." The songwriter also formed an orchestra with the same name, which accompanied him and his female group.


White gained significant recognition in 1973, following a release of several classic albums and singles, and in the space of one year, the composer sold $16 million worth of records.

More than a decade later, he made an appearance on "The Simpsons" and went on to secure a recurring role in the 1997 film "Ally McBeal." Although White enjoyed a fruitful career, he struggled with some health issues, including his excess weight.


In 1995, the record producer was hospitalized due to high blood pressure. Seven years later, White suffered kidney failure related to his high blood pressure and chronic type two diabetes.

Sadly, White died on July 4, 2003, after suffering a stroke while waiting for a kidney transplant. He died at 9:35 AM at the Cedars Sinai Hospital, and according to his manager, Ned Shankman, the musician was alone when he died.


Almost two decades after his death, White is still celebrated by his children, especially Shaherah, with heart-melting tributes. Once Shaherah posted a throwback picture of her and her dad and expressed her love for him in the caption.

In another upload, Shaherah explained that White had so much wisdom and knowledge and loved people, including those from different cultures and countries. Finally, she wrote:

"I miss us… Your smile and your laugh… although I don't think you would be laughing much these days. One more hug."

After so many years, the world still remembers what a great man White was, but most importantly his kids will never forget what an amazing father he was to them.