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Daily Joke: Royal Calligrapher’s Apprentices Asked to Choose the Best Ink for Writing

Laura Beatham
Aug 10, 2021
05:00 P.M.
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In the late 1500s, there was a young man named Richard. He was a part of a group of apprentices who worked for the royal calligrapher for the king of Spain.


During one of the calligrapher apprentices' lessons, the royal calligrapher said, "Any letters penned for the king must be written in ink made in Spain! It is unacceptable to use a lesser ink for his Majesty!"

How many students will get it right? | Photo: Amomama


The calligrapher then pulled out four jars of ink and said, "Only one of these jars contains acceptable ink. Each of you will look at the four bottles and pick out the jar that has Spanish ink!"

One by one, the apprentices took turns to look at the ink and choose the right jar. They each looked at different things, such as the color, fragrance, and viscosity of the ink. Some even tasted the liquid to try and figure it out!

The first three did their tests, and they all decided on the same jar. The calligrapher inspected their choice and then congratulated them for choosing the right one. Next, it was Richard's turn.


He looked at the color, smelled the ink, and then felt the viscosity of each ink. He dipped his finger in the ink, rubbed it between his finger and thumb, and then rubbed the ink onto his palm so that he could move on to the next jar.

Would Richard figure it out? | Photo: Pixabay/Pexels


Suddenly his palm became very itchy. He started to furiously scratch it then rubbed it on his leg. But unfortunately, this only spread the itch from his hand to his leg!

So he itched and scratched like a maniac, and as he scratched more, the more it itched. The rest of the class and the calligrapher watched in amazement as Richard scratched himself until he drew blood!

He was running around the room, frantically scratching himself. The others looked on in horror at the vulgar scene unfolding in front of them because they never expected the Spanish ink quiz itchin'.

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