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Woman Buys Homeless Man Water and Sparks a Chain Reaction of Kindness

Stephen Thompson
Aug 06, 2021
12:00 P.M.
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A woman sparked a chain reaction of kindness after buying a homeless man water and defending him when a nasty woman attacked her for "enabling" his behavior.

A woman named Barbara Mack recently took to her Facebook page to share her experience at a store. On her way to the store, she encountered a homeless man.

He was a familiar face to her, and she was well aware of how childish his thinking was, so when she found him sitting under the shade of a tree looking shaky, the good woman naturally drew closer to ask if he was okay.

A woman giving a homeless person basic items from the boot of her car | Photo: Shutterstock


The man answered that he was simply resting, but the woman was not convinced — she was certain he would not know to keep hydrated when there's a lot of heat.

The thought made her enter the store to grab two bottles of water, one of which she planned to give to the homeless man.

There was a queue before the cashier; however, because she was a regular at the store, she simply yelled at him that she was taking one of the bottles to the man outside.

People's comments on the woman's Facebook viral post. | Photo: Facebook/BarbaraMack


When Mack returned, she was accosted by the woman in front of her who thought to reprimand her for enabling the man's homelessness. The woman was of the opinion that the man should not be receiving free things and should be reported to the police.

As far as she was concerned, it was illegal to give to the homeless as it only made them dependent on such goodwill. Moreover, the statement irked the good samaritan; she knew the weather was quite hot, and the man could get a heat stroke.

A person's comment on the woman's Facebook viral post. | Photo: Facebook/BarbaraMack


She went off on the nasty woman in her retort, telling her off for her heartless opinion. The first woman asked her to call the police to report her for buying something at a convenience store and accused her of not having compassion since she would not have bought the homeless man a cold drink herself.

The act was especially meaningful to her because her grandfather served in the Vietnam war.

A person's comment on the woman's Facebook viral post. | Photo: Facebook/BarbaraMack


The good woman


her tirade by asking the woman using very colorful words to mind her business. There was silence when she finished, and then from nowhere, someone echoed in agreement with her.

In response to the woman's act of kindness, the man at the head of the queue asked the cashier to add a sandwich to his purchase for the man.

The guy behind the man also requested an ice cream while the woman behind him got change because she was certain the homeless guy could use some money.

An aisle in a fully stocked supermarket | Photo: Pexels


It went on like that until everyone, except the nasty woman, on the line, purchased something for the man. The woman later slunk out in defeat after purchasing her goods.

However, the good samaritan who started the movement was rewarded by the cashier who chose not to accept payment for the bottles of water she bought.

Outside, the homeless man was surrounded by all the goodies he had gotten, and the look on his face brought happiness to the woman who had fought for him.

Another aisle in a well-stocked supermarket | Photo: Shutterstock


Mack who is an UberEats delivery driver, and Etsy shop owner is not the only one who has been engaging in acts of kindness. A couple of days ago, a seven-year-old girl named Jade Britt raised $700 to make care packages for homeless veterans.

The act was especially meaningful to her because her grandfather served in the Vietnam war. These and many other acts performed by people showcase humanity at its finest, and the trend has continued to grow in magnitude.

Two tents for homeless people | Photo: Shutterstock

In places like Missouri, they have a "random acts of kindness" day, which is celebrated on August 31st. It is certainly a move worthy of emulation because kindness is never too much, and nobody is too little to offer it.

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