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Daily Joke: Teacher Takes Her Students to a Farm to Show Where Food Is Grown

Ayesha Muhammad
Aug 13, 2021
01:00 A.M.
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One fine day, a Science class was in progress for Grade 2 students. The children listened attentively as their teacher delivered a lecture on farming, telling them about how hard farmers work to grow food.


“But teacher, if farmers grow all the food for us, what do they eat?” asked one student. He looked rather puzzled and concerned for the poor farmers and thought they had no food left for themselves.

The teacher was delivering a lecture to her students on how farmers grow food. | Photo: Shutterstock


“My dear child, they also eat the same food. But they work really hard to make sure the crops grow well and receive enough water, sunlight, and other important things,” replied the teacher.

Another student raised his hand and proceeded to ask a slightly different question.

“Where do farmers learn to grow food?” asked the other student.

“Well, the farming knowledge is passed down from their forefathers, and it basically runs in the family. They are trained for this from a very young age,” answered the teacher.

She then walked forward and addressed the entire class.


The teacher informed the students that she'll be taking them to an actual farm. | Photo: Pexels/nappy

“Children, I can see that this topic has interested many of you. Would you like to go on a trip to a real farm, and see how the food is grown?” asked the teacher.


All the students were delighted to hear this news and happily agreed. So the next day, the teacher took them all to a farm and told them to observe everything carefully and ask questions whenever they felt the need.

The farm was outside the city and covered a vast area. Farmers were busy irrigating the land and planting crops, and they warmly received the teacher and her students, giving them useful details about farming.

Along the way, the teacher also explained different aspects of growing crops, like giving them sufficient water and other nutrients, planting them in well-irrigated soil, and protecting them from pest attacks and climatic changes.


The students were delighted to visit the farm and learned many things. | Photo: Pexels/Zen Chung

After explaining things to the students, the teacher said, "These days, farmers are facing difficulties because there is not a lot of water available, due to the droughts."


"But teacher," replied a student. "Why do we even need farmers? Everyone knows that food comes out of the fridge!"

The student's response was definitely unexpected but hilarious!

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