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Mom Shamed for Dressing Kids in Walmart Clothes While Wearing Branded Outfits Replies Critics

Dayna Remus
Sep 06, 2021
01:50 A.M.
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In the eyes of critics, a mother wore clothes fit for a queen while her children suffered in cheap garb. However, this mom refuted the claim, firing back in a fury!


A mother named Caitlin Fladager was criticized for wearing branded attire while dressing her children in Walmart clothes. She took to Facebook, where she responded to this shaming.

Fladager shared a picture of her kids on the social media platform dressed in this attire. The two appeared perfectly content eating ice cream that was dripping onto their clothes.

A picture of Caitlin Fladager on the left and a picture of her children eating ice cream on the right. │Source: facebook.com/caitlin.fladager instagram.com/caitlinfladager


In her post, the mother spoke of the condemnation stemming from one individual who stated that her clothing choices compared to what she let her kids wear didn't make her look good as a mom. Responding, she wrote:

"I am not constantly outgrowing them like my kids are...I am not constantly spilling food and dirt all over my brand-new clothes."

Expanding on her list of reasons, Fladager affirmed that she also doesn't break her clothes or play in the dirt. The mother of two summed up that her whole rationale is that she is not a child.

Individual commenting on a post by Caitlin Fladager. │ Source: facebook.com/caitlin.fladager


Fladager then expanded on her ambitions as a mother and how it ties into this choice. The mom said she wants to educate her children on how living one's life is more important than clothes.

For the past two years, she [Fladagar] stated, marijuana has benefited her in dealing with her anxiety.

Beyond that, Fladager stated that her two kids relish in the freedom to be children and not worry about spilling or messing up their attire. She refused to apologize for this.


Fladager generally isn't afraid to speak about what many would consider controversial choices as a mother. She once opened up about smoking marijuana to help stress and that she only does so when her kids are asleep.

The mother claimed that it assisted her in calming her anxiety during quarantine with her children. Fladager also mentioned how individuals do not criticize moms who speak about drinking wine to help with their worries, which is hypocritical.

This mom has also been courageous in opening up about her struggles with mental health issues. For the past two years, she stated, marijuana has benefited her in dealing with her anxiety.


Fladager is not the only mother that became the center of internet attention for her alleged questionable parenting techniques. Taking to TikTok, a teen revealed what he found to be a disappointing discovery concerning his mom.

His mother, the teenager, shared, had a secret phone with access to all his social media and photos. Many viewers were shocked by this, asking why some parents had no respect for their children's boundaries.

The 16-year-old admitted to his fellow TikTokers that he was quite upset over the finding. It leaves one to wonder what this mother's response would be had she addressed the issue as Fladager did.


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