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Daily Joke: Three Scientific Geniuses Playing Hide and Seek

Laura Beatham
Aug 11, 2021
06:40 A.M.
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One day, three scientific geniuses decided to play a game of hide and seek. The three geniuses were Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, and Blaise Pascal.


It was Einstein's turn to count. So he closed his eyes and started to count to 100. Pascal ran off to hide and found a great spot in a big lush and leafy bush.

Photo: Amomama

Photo: Amomama


However, Newton did not move. Instead, he bent down right in front of Einstein and drew a box in the dirt, precisely one meter on each side. He then just stood right in the middle of the box.

"100!" Einstein exclaimed as he opened his eyes and immediately spotted Newton. "Newton! I found you! You're it!"

"No," said Newton. "You found a Newton in one square meter. You found Pascal!"

I guess the pressure is now on Pascal! Do you think he knew the gravity of the situation?

Do you think Einstein would actually play hide and seek? | Photo: Pixabay/janeb13

Do you think Einstein would actually play hide and seek? | Photo: Pixabay/janeb13



Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Werner Heisenberg, Georg Ohm, Galileo Galilei, Max Planck, and Louis de Broglie decided to carpool to a conference about geniuses!

However, during the trip, they got pulled over for speeding. But when the police officer asked them if they knew how fast they were going, he could not get a straight answer, so he pulled each passenger out of the car one by one to question them.

Heisenberg, the driver, answered first and said, "Well, It was definitely somewhere between 0 and 180 miles per hour. I am not sure, but I can tell you exactly where we were, though."

The police officer must have been very frustrated! | Photo: Pixabay/cocoparisienne

The police officer must have been very frustrated! | Photo: Pixabay/cocoparisienne

Newton was up next and said, "We were going 92 miles per hour when we were pulled over, and here's the differential equation that proves it. I can show you if you want."


Then the famous Einstein said, "I'm relatively sure we were stationary. However, the earth beneath us was moving at 92 miles per hour."

Galileo scratched his chin and said, "We were going 67,000 miles per hour around the sun."

Broglie thought about the question for a couple of minutes and then answered, "Um... Uh, wavelength?"

Planck told the police officer, "Hmm, I believe we were driving at around ten duodecillion quanta per hour, give or take."

And finally, Ohm was questioned, but no matter how many times he was asked, he screamed, "I won't go! You'll never take me alive!"

If you loved that joke, check out this one about Albert Einstein and his driver!

Source: Reddit and Upjoke.

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