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Daily Joke: Man in Court Fumes at a Husband on Trial for Killing His Wife

Laura Beatham
Aug 17, 2021
05:00 P.M.
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A big murder case was taking place in a criminal court in a small town. The defendant and his lawyers, the jury, the state prosecutor, and the audience filed into the court.


During the proceedings, the judge looked at his papers and read out the charges, "The defendant, Mr. Bruce Smith, has been charged with bludgeoning his wife to death with a hammer. Mr. Smith, how do you plead?"

The judge tried to keep the proceedings on track. | Photo: Shutterstock


Mr. Smith stood up, but before he could answer, a man at the back of the courtroom shouted out, "YOU BASTARD!" Everyone in the courtroom turned to look at the man.

"Order! Order in this courtroom!" the judge exclaimed, as he banged down on his gravel. "I understand the gravity of this horrific crime, but I will not tolerate any outbursts like that!"

The defendant then pleaded not guilty. However, the man at the back of the courtroom again screamed, "YOU SON OF A B****! I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS!"

The man was disrupting the courtroom! | Photo: Pixabay/David Mark


"Sir, this is the last time I am warning you," the judge said with several more bangs of the gavel. "If you don't keep quiet and let the court proceed, I'll have you in contempt of court!"

The attorney for the prosecution then stood up and presented his first piece of evidence. "Exhibit A, your honor. A craftsman hammer with the victim's bloodstains still on it."

As a photo of the bloodied hammer appeared on a TV set in front of the courtroom, the man at the back of the room again screamed, "YOU DIRTY SCUMBAG!"

It all had to do with the hammer! | Photo: Pixabay/Andy Gries


The judge was now furious. He was beginning to sweat because his anger was boiling over as he exclaimed, "Alright! I've had enough of you! I don't care how much you loved the deceased. I will not tolerate..."

"You don't understand, your honor!" the man said as he stood up from the back of the courtroom, "I lived next to this LIAR for 10 years, and each time I asked to borrow a hammer, that son of a b**** said he didn't have one!"

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