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F1 Star Lewis Hamilton Sparks Heated Debate after Sharing His Dog's Vegan Diet

Lois Oladejo
Aug 21, 2021
01:20 P.M.
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Formula One's Lewis Hamilton is facing media backlash following a controversial photo of his dog's vegan diet on Instagram. Many consider the diet a violation of the dog, Roscoe's animal rights.


Racing driver Lewis Hamilton has stirred an online debate after sharing a photo of his dog, Roscoe's vegan diet. The F1 star took to Roscoe's Instagram account to post a picture of the pitbull leaning on a table, with two plates of an enticing vegan meal laid out in front of him.

The plates contained a variety of fruits and veggies, including dragonfruit, kiwis, blueberries, and pineapples. Via the caption, Hamilton explained that the canine, who appeared to be traveling on a private plane, was completely immersed in veganism.

Photo of Lewis Hamilton's dog, Roscoe | Photo: instagram.com/roscoelovescoco


He wrote: "I loves being a vegans. I gets all the vegetables and fruits I wants. My favs are watermelons and pineapples. Ives lots 5kgs and feels betters thans evers [sic]."

Hamilton's post has stirred mixed feelings online, as many argue over the appropriacy of making a dog go vegan. The pro race driver, who has been a long-time advocate of animal rights, found himself caught at the center of the heated debate.

While some admittedly envied the dog's life, others noted that Roscoe may not be as fascinated by the meal as Hamilton made everyone believe. One of the comments read: "I don't know, but he doesn't look too excited about that plate. Lol."


Another person seemed horrified at the thought of a dog going vegan, commenting: "Please tell me you aren't making your dogs eat a vegan diet."

Most netizens implied that imposing a vegan diet on Roscoe was a breach of the animal's right since he was denied the freedom to choose his preferred diet. One user asked: "Have you tried to let Roscoe choose between fruits and meat?"

Some users suggested Roscoe had double standards, given that he was flying on a private jet when vegans generally opted for the lifestyle for environmental sustainability. One wrote: "He's flying with a private jet and telling everybody that he would live so consistent. Excuse me?"


Many couldn't help but wonder if going vegan was a safe option for Roscoe. According to them, dogs were carnivores, and hence, were biologically conditioned to rely on meat and other animal products.

Despite the backlash, many admired Roscoe's commitment to veganism, commending Hamilton for managing to successfully introduce his pet to a healthy lifestyle. Most agreed that Roscoe indeed looked better than ever.

Back in 2016, a woman shared a photo of a vegan diet she was about to feed her dog on Tumblr, also instantly sparking an online frenzy.


Many criticized the Tumblr blog user for feeding her dog the vegetable-based dinner of pureed sweet potato, pureed brown rice, organic tofu, digestive enzymes, and chia seed.

Netizens pointed out the dog, Maggie's malnourished appearance, accusing the woman of abusing her dog by denying her essential nutrients needed for survival. After getting dragged on the platform, the woman eventually abandoned her account.

The debate about whether or not a vegan diet is a safe option for dogs has been on the rise since veganism became a thing.


While the answer may seem obvious given the carnivorous nature of dogs, numerous findings have established that dogs are better classified as omnivorous.

By implication, the studies prove that dogs could in fact obtain their essential nutrients from both animal and plant-based proteins.

Hence, while veterinary nutritionists advise against it, a dog could survive on veggies and fruits provided its amino acid needs are considered. Some common reasons dogs turn to vegan meals include being allergic to animal-based diets and the dog owner's ethics.

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