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Man Bites Snake to Death after It Bit Him

Lois Oladejo
Aug 17, 2021
11:20 P.M.
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An Odisha, India man has gone viral after recounting the story of his bizarre confrontation with a snake that bit him. Interestingly, the man has the snake's carcass to show for his night of adventures.


Following his furious revenge on a snake that bit his heels, one man has become the talk of the town, both in his community in Jajpur and on the internet. The Odisha man, Kishore Badra, claimed to have bitten a snake to death after it attacked him.

According to the 45-year-old, he was on his way home from his job on a paddy field when something suddenly bit his legs. The pain led him to switch on his flashlight and investigate.

Close up photo of a snake | Photo: Shutterstock

Close up photo of a snake | Photo: Shutterstock


That was when he noticed a poisonous krait snake recoiling on the ground. Determined not to let the reptile go unpunished, Badra grabbed it with his hands and bit it repeatedly until it finally succumbed to the multiple injuries.

After killing the snake, Badra claimed his prize and returned to his home in Gambharipatia village. The man was so proud of his adventures that he wasted no time singing tales of his conquest.

Showing his wife the snake, he narrated the bizarre confrontation that ended in the reptile's death. He also exhibited the krait to his friends, boasting of his escapades.


The incident soon made Badra the talk of the town, attracting people from other communities and fast gaining media attention.

Looking under the table, he discovered a rattlesnake, ready to strike.

Several locals and visitors who heard the brave man recount his tale advised him to seek medical help from a hospital to prevent the snake bite from festering.


However, he declined, opting instead to consult a traditional medicine man. Following his visit to the local healer on the same night he was bitten, he returned in perfect condition.

Many also feared biting the poisonous serpent to death would have a detrimental effect on the man. Remarkably, neither the snake bite nor the impact of biting a venomous snake took a fatal toll on Badra. Speaking to news outlets, Badra confirmed:

"Even though I bit the poisonous krait, I did not feel any difficulty. I went to a traditional healer residing near the village, and was cured."


Another near-fatal snake encounter happened in Southern California and involved a rattlesnake. Luckily, a heroic dog, Marly, was on hand to prevent a potential disaster.

According to 18-year-old Alex Loredo, the heroic canine jumped in just in time to push him away, delving in between the snake and the teenager.

The San Diego resident recounted hearing a rattling sound while doing laundry in the laundry room. Looking under the table, he discovered a rattlesnake, ready to strike.

Before he could move a muscle, the heroic dog stepped in and saved his life. Marley ended up with two snake bites to his tongue and neck.

Following weeks at the veterinary clinic, the animal fully recovered and was able to reunite with his family once again. What a happy ending!

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