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Daily Joke: Guy with Very Poor Eyesight Applies to Become a Pilot

Ayesha Muhammad
Aug 23, 2021
05:45 A.M.
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A man aspired to become a pilot and worked very hard to realize his lifelong dream. However, there was one small inconvenience that could hinder his progress: he had terrible eyesight.


The man was determined to make things happen, so he opened up to his friend and asked for his advice.

The man with the poor eyesight followed his friend's advice, and tried to sound as convincing as he could in the interview. | Photo: Shutterstock


"What should I do, man? I really want this job. Please tell me how to get past the interview with my poor eyesight," said the man to his friend.

"Hmm, don't worry, dude. I'll think of something," replied the friend.

After thinking for some time, the friend said, "I have an idea. Stick a pin in a tree on the other side of the field from the office. When they ask you about your eyesight, say that you're able to see a pin stuck in the tree and it's been distracting you during the interview."

"Okay, I'll do as you say. I really hope it'll work," answered the man.


Three days later, the man was called for the interview. However, instead of immediately reaching out to his friend following the interview, he decided to rest his head. A week passed and he finally dropped by his friend's place.

Unfortunately, the man with poor eyesight couldn't land the job. | Photo: Pexels


"I didn't get the job. Everything was going well until they asked about my eyesight. I had done what you said -- I stuck a pin in the tree and mentioned it during the interview. They wanted to see this pin for themselves, so we all went across the field to see it."

The friend felt sorry for the man but was also curious to know what went wrong. "Okay that sounds fine, but you did have the pin stuck in the tree. So what happened?" he asked.

"I tripped over a cow," replied the man.

We feel bad for the poor man too because he couldn't succeed in deceiving the interview committee.



In another joke, a man went for a job interview. Ironically, he was told that his educational degree and experience were insufficient, and hence, he was rejected. However, the man was determined to land the job no matter the consequences, so he decided to get a complete makeover.


First, he got a gigantic round head, and then huge furry ears, followed by a big black nose. Afterward, he began growing grey-brown and white fur all over his body and claws extending from his fingers and toes.

Eventually, he was ready to go so grabbing his eucalyptus leaf snack in one hand, he barged into the company and handed his resume to HR.

The hiring manager was dazzled by the man's brand new look, but he still wore a disapproving expression on his face. So after shaking his head a little, he said, "I'm afraid now you're over-koala-fied."

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