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TikTok Users Spot Cancer Symptom in a Man's Video – And Probably Saved His Life

Dayna Remus
Aug 23, 2021
04:20 P.M.
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One man had no idea how close he was to tragedy until some concerned online friends effectively saved his life.


A TikTok user who calls himself Seattle Tech Bro recently took to the platform, explaining how viewers advised him to have a check-up, as they noticed what they thought were cancer symptoms. He followed their guidance and was taken aback by what was discovered.

With the username @seattletechbro, the man explained that his previous clips had nothing to do with health-related matters. Rather, they were simply about budgeting.

TikTok user Seattle Tech Bro talking in one of his videos. │ Source: tiktok.com/seattletechbro


He explained that the other TikTokers expressed concern that his thyroid looked larger than usual, hypothesizing that it could be cancerous. Seattle Tech Bro practiced caution and went to get his thyroid medically examined, revealing:

"We found out that there is like a 95 percent chance that that nodule that I had was cancerous."

The TikToker could have chosen between getting the nodule or the whole thyroid taken out, opting only to remove the smaller bit. Due to challenges with speaking, he expressed that he would not be making as many clips going forward.

Individual commenting on a TikTok post by Seattle Tech Bro. │Source: tiktok.com/seattletechbro


Many viewers wished him a speedy recovery and expressed how happy they were that he found out about the issue early on. Others shared their own experiences with thyroid issues.

[It] could have led to a coma if it had not been found timeously.

Many were shocked by the accuracy of those who encouraged the TikTok user to seek medical advice. The post has gone completely viral, so far having almost 200,000 likes.

Individual commenting on a TikTok post by Seattle Tech Bro. │Source: tiktok.com/seattletechbro


It is no surprise that Seattle Tech Bro wasn't very much aware of any issues concerning his thyroid. According to Cancer.Net:

"It is common for people with thyroid cancer to have few or no symptoms or signs."

That being said, there are a few indications that those with possible thyroid cancer may or may not experience. This includes but is not limited to hoarseness, struggling to breathe, and a lump on the front part of the neck.


It seems that many individuals do not suffer from a lack of luck when it comes to miraculously saving individuals from possible disease or death. This happened to a man who managed to save his wife's life due to a random accident.

He also took to TikTok, where he is known as Southofthe49th. He explained that one day he passed out for no obvious reason and had to be taken to the hospital for hitting his head against the pavement.

It was a superficial injury, and so he got the day off work. He drove home to find his wife in deep pain; he took her to the hospital, where they discovered a tumor in her brain that could have led to a coma if it had not been found timeously.


A doctor scrolling through an iPad. │ Source: Shutterstock

Sometimes, even if one doesn't catch the symptoms in time, tragically passing away, their story can still be spectacular. A man who died after sudden cardiac arrest and recovered is just one of these stories.


71-year-old Larry Brown was proclaimed dead by a firefighter after suddenly falling onto the ground outside his house. At this point, only machines were keeping him alive, but five days later, Brown woke up without any major repercussions.

Brown believed he survived because there's still a reason for him to be alive. Whether one believes in miracles or not, the recollections of all these individuals are nonetheless awe-inspiring.


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