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Man Who Died after Sudden Cardiac Arrest Shares His Miraculous Recovery

Brittany Chalmers
Aug 03, 2021
06:20 A.M.
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A man was sitting outside of his house when things suddenly went fuzzy. He was all alone as he fell to the ground and went into cardiac arrest. He died, but thanks to what can only be described as a miracle, he recovered.


Residents of Little Rock, Arkansas, witnessed an inexplicable phenomenon in July of last year. 71-year-old Larry Brown was sitting on a bench outside his house when his life almost slipped away.

Brown, who lived in Maumelle, remembered the moment that everything went fuzzy. There was no warning before things spiraled out of control—one moment, he was cutting weeds; the next, he was on the ground.

Man who went into cardiac explains his miraculous experience that included help from neighbors | Photo: Youtube/FOX 16 KLRT



He was in cardiac arrest and by himself without anyone to help him. Thankfully his neighbors, Gary and Linda Coburn, were walking back to their home at the right time. They saw him lying on the ground and acted immediately.

Linda called Brown’s wife while Gary rushed to his neighbor, who was barely breathing. When his wife Elizabeth arrived at the scene, she thought he had already passed away.

Wife recalls that she thought her husband was dead after he went into cardiac arrest | Photo: Youtube/FOX 16 KLRT



911 was on their way in no time, and the dispatcher tried to tell Linda how to do chest compressions. While this was transpiring, another neighbor, Bahani Agalheir, planned to take his daughter to a trampoline park.

Agalheir noticed the commotion and pulled over his vehicle to offer them some help. Linda struggled to do the proper chest compression because she was weak, so Agalheir took over.

Neighbor details where he found a man lying on the ground before he started with chest compressions | Photo: Youtube/FOX 16 KLRT



The compressions continued for what felt like forever. After 8 minutes, there was still no response from Brown. Things looked dismal but fortunately Maumelle firefighter, Lt. Jacob Haley arrived.

Brown didn't remember much about the time he was sedated. However, he does have one memory and it is otherworldly.

Haley did a quick assessment of Brown, and the firefighter proclaimed him "dead." He recalled: “He was cold and clammy, and he was dead.”

Paramedic details man's condition and explains that his condition did not look good | Photo: Youtube/FOX 16 KLRT



As Agalheir continued with the chest compressions, Haley used an automated external defibrillator to shock Brown. Sadly, there was still no response from Brown, who lay on the ground without a pulse.

MEMS arrived shortly after this, and two paramedics took over. One of them, Alexis Bilbruck, detailed his condition:

“He was in v-fib, meaning his heart was not beating, but the electricity in it was causing an unorganized rhythm.”



Brown also received oxygen and was put onto an automated chest compression machine. The second attempt at shocking his heart also didn't help.

It had been 20 minutes since Brown had a heartbeat. The third shock seemed to get a reaction, but it was still feeble. He was eventually taken to Baptist Hospital, where doctors discovered the cause of his condition—a blocked artery.

Man was rushed to hospital where he made a miraculous recovery after 5 days | Photo: Youtube/FOX 16 KLRT



There was an 80 percent blockage in one of his arteries, and this required a stent. At this point, the machines were the only thing keeping him alive.

Five days later, something miraculous happened. Despite having been without oxygen for 25 minutes, Brown woke up without any major repercussions.

Man shares memories of the angels that he saw while he was heavily sedated | Photo: Youtube/FOX 16 KLRT



Brown didn't remember much about the time he was sedated. However, he does have one memory, and it is otherworldly. He explained: “I saw… it looked like two angels… walking toward me. Then I woke up.”

Brown's wife added that she didn't know why he survived and they were "blessed" while other people lose loved ones. Brown believed that everything worked together because there's still a reason for him to be alive.

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