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Daily Joke: Insurance Sellers Brag about the Speed of Their Services

Busayo Ogunjimi
Aug 24, 2021
03:00 P.M.
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Three insurance salesmen, each good at what they do, sat in a bar on a Friday night, bragging about the speed of their services and how much they have accomplished.


The first man, Al, eager to prove his competence, quickly came up with his biggest accomplishment in the field so far, saying: "Last month, when one of my insured died suddenly, I received the news within six hours. The next day, I put a cheque in the mail for his family."

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The other two looked impressed but were still determined to win the argument. The second man named Ben remembered a recent event that earned him accolades from his boss, so he shared,

"That's nothing. Last week, when one of my insured died suddenly, I got the news within 30 minutes. That very day, I personally delivered his cheque to his family."

The third man, Carl, took a sip of his beer, dropped his mug slowly, and calmly said, "Amateurs. Yesterday, one of my insured was fixing the roof of my office building when he slipped and fell six floors down. I handed him his cheque when he passed my window on the second floor."


The second man named Ben remembered a recent event | Photo: Unsplash


Fed up of his non-existent social life, a super-genius went to the doctor to seek medical help. The genius complained, "I think I'm too smart. I'm having trouble even communicating with people because we have no common frame of reference and it's ruining my social life. Can anything be done?"


The doctor carried out a series of tests on the unusual patient and confirmed he was really a genius, with an IQ of 250. The doctor was visibly impressed with the discovery, as it was unlike anything he had ever seen.

Putting away his equipment, he said to the genius, "Currently, your IQ is at 250, which is vastly superior to an average man. This is why you are having trouble communicating."

The doctor tried recommending the genius for some experimental trials, but he declined, as all he cared about was improving his social life.

The doctor carried out a series of tests | Photo: Shutterstock


Finally, the doctor gave in, saying, "I do have a cure. I have a machine that will drain away some of your intelligence, leaving you with an IQ of 160. You would still be a genius, but you should be able to lead a normal life as well."

The super genius quickly agreed to the treatment, urging the doctor to carry on. The doctor strapped him to the machine and turned on the device.

Just then, his phone rang, and the medical expert proceeded to pick the call from his ex-wife. They had a long conversation, which almost extended to an hour before the doctor remembered his patient.


The health professional quickly ended the call and rushed to the former genius, who looked almost lost. He glanced at the monitor and noticed a reading of 75, to his dismay. Trying to access the extent of the damage, the doctor said, "Are you alright?"

The patient kept silent, staring blankly at the physician. So the doctor went ahead to give his patient a push, to nudge him to consciousness, at the same time screaming, "Say something!"

The former genius finally spoke up, saying, "Can I interest you in a life insurance policy?"

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Source: Reddit.com, barricks.com

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