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Daily Joke: Taxi Driver Picks up Beautiful Woman Late at Night Then Becomes Scared  

Ayesha Muhammad
Aug 30, 2021
12:00 A.M.
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It was a late night in early spring, and a taxi driver was driving on a deserted road. The pitch-black darkness and eerie silence of the night were occasionally interrupted by a dog barking or bats squeaking in the far distance.


Suddenly, the driver heard a phone ringing in the car, and the ringtone didn't sound familiar at all. He decided to pull over at the side of the road, turned on the dome lights, and began looking for the phone. However, by this time, it had stopped ringing.

The taxi driver had no idea what awaited him! | Photo: Shutterstock


He searched the passenger seat, bent down to see in case the phone had fallen, and then proceeded to check the backseat. After searching for a few minutes, he found the phone lying underneath the driver's seat.

As soon as he picked up the phone, it started ringing again, and upon receiving the call, he discovered that his last passenger had forgotten it in the car. Because he was an honest and fair man, he promised the passenger he would return the phone right away.

Soon afterward, the driver was on the road again after returning the phone to its rightful owner. When he checked the time, it was already late at night. He was driving at a steady pace when suddenly, he saw a gorgeous woman standing alone on the roadside.


What is she doing here in the middle of nowhere late at night? thought the driver. Oh, maybe, she needs a ride and cannot find a taxi at this time. I must help her.

Soon afterward, the driver stopped the car next to where the woman was standing.

It was already late at night when the taxi driver picked up a beautiful woman standing on the roadside. | Photo: Pexels


"Good evening, Ma'am. Do you want to go somewhere?" asked the driver courteously.

The woman barely nodded her head and sat in the backseat, after which the driver set the car in motion. It had only been three days since he started doing night duty, and he was still in the process of getting used to it.

"Ma'am, can you kindly tell me where you want to go?" asked the driver. He was a little puzzled by the woman's strange behavior because she had not said a single word ever since she got in the car.

In response to the driver's question, she explained the address of her drop-off location and then became silent again. In the meantime, the driver couldn't help feeling nervous because he recalled all the stories about ghost women enticing young men at night.


Several minutes passed, and the woman sat silently in the backseat, not even moving in her position. The driver tried to keep his hands steady on the steering wheel, but he could feel cold shivers traveling down his spine.

When the driver stopped the car to drop off the woman, he realized it was a graveyard. | Photo: Pexels


Finally, he arrived at the said address, but the moment he stopped the car, he realized that it was a graveyard. The woman got off the vehicle, smiled at him, and disappeared.

The taxi driver frantically looked around for her and even heard strange sounds. But the woman was nowhere to be found. He took a deep breath and rubbed his hands on his face as if trying to wipe away the horror he had just survived.

Suddenly, he noticed that she had left the car's back door open. However, he was too scared to move. He was still processing how to muster up the strength to close the back door when the same woman ambushed him with her sudden reappearance. She stood by the driver's window, and her face was dripping with blood.


The poor taxi driver was done for the day and fell flat on the driving seat. Meanwhile, the woman leaned forward, and spoke in an urgent and unusual voice:

"Sir, next time, could you NOT stop beside a ditch please!?"

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