Daily Joke: Three Housewives Decided to Rebel against Their Husbands and Stop Cooking

Olowokandi Fiyin
Aug 31, 2021
05:00 A.M.

Three friends married the same year and settled to be housewives. They did not regret their decision as the friends enjoyed staying home and taking care of the house while their husbands went to work.


The three made it a tradition to hang out twice every week, and everything went smoothly for the ladies. But one evening, while on a dinner date, they confessed that house chores could get tiring.

These housewives are going to get their men with their plan | Photo: Shutterstock

These housewives are going to get their men with their plan | Photo: Shutterstock

The friends agreed that cooking was the hardest of the chores, and the men don't help because they feel it is easy. So they decided not to cook for three days to find out what their husbands would do.

On their next dinner date, one of the wives noted that the plan worked well. There was no difference for the first day, but her husband went to the kitchen and cooked a delicious breakfast by the second day.

The second friend explained that in her home, for the first and second day, there was also no difference, but by the third day, her husband took her to a restaurant. However, the last friend said:


"The first day, I didn't see anything. The second day, I didn't see anything either. But the third day, I could see a little bit with my left eye."


A housewife and her husband had a lovely relationship. The woman worked as a homemaker while the man worked in a Guinness company. The wife was cleaning the living room one day when she heard a knock on the door.

She opened the door and found two of her husband's friends and his colleagues. One of the man's co-workers explained that there was an accident in the factory and her husband fell into a tank of Guinness.

The wife almost fainted as soon as she heard the news. She couldn't believe what the man told her. And when she asked about her husband's health, the co-worker stated that he didn't make it.


She held the door tight to keep herself from falling. Although she felt an excruciating pain in her chest, the wife still asked if her husband's death was fast and pain-free. And the co-worker replied:

"Well, you see, the thing about it Mary, he got out three times to pee."

If you enjoyed this joke, you might find this one even more hilarious. It's about a woman who decided to teach her husband a lesson after leaving her at home to attend a party.

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