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Daily Joke: Pope and President Have Lunch on a Yacht

Laura Beatham
Aug 31, 2021
12:20 A.M.
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During the summer, the president invited the pope to have lunch on a boat. The pope accepted and flew to America to enjoy a lovely day out on the ocean.


While they were having lunch, a large gust of wind blew the pope's hat right into the water. It floated about 40 feet from the boat, and then suddenly, the wind died down, and it floated in place.

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The crew and the Secret Service sprung into action, trying to launch a boat into the sea to get the hat. However, the president quickly waved them off and said, "Never mind, boys, I'll get it."

The president then climbed over the side of the boat, casually walked on water to the hat, and picked it up. Then he walked back to the boat, climbed over its side, and handed the hat back to the pope.

The boat crew, the Secret Service, the pope, and his entourage were all speechless. No one knew what to say about what they had just seen; not even the pope could muster up a few words about the miracle they had just witnessed.


The media would report it a little differently! | Photo: Pixabay/kalhh

But that evening, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC reported, "THE PRESIDENT CAN'T SWIM."

It seems the President can never do anything right.



A timekeeper at a factory had a critical job. He would strike the bell each day to signal to all the factory workers that it was time for their lunch break.

Each day, he would wait till it was almost noon, and then he would watch his watch, and just as it turned to 12:00, he would strike the bell. It was vital to him that he hit the bell exactly at noon each day.

However, one day, he dropped his watch as he put it on his wrist, and the time changed. So wanting to have the time set correctly, he headed to the local watchmaker to get it fixed.


Would his watch be set correctly? | Photo: Pixabay/OpenClipart-Vectors

The timekeeper explained what he did for a living and how important it was that his watch was set correctly. The watchmaker explained that he did not need to worry about having the correct time.


"I set the watches according to the clocks in the back. Those clocks are perfectly synchronized with the church's bell that rings at 6 am each day, so I know they are set correctly."

The timekeeper was now curious about how the church knew their bells were set correctly. So he headed to the local church to ask. He found the bell ringer and asked them how they know their clocks were set correctly.

The bell ringer explained, "I ring the bells when my watch strikes 6 am. I am sure they are correct because I check it against the factory lunch break bell."

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