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Daily Joke: Woman Brought Her Wet Rabbit to the Vet Clinic

Laura Beatham
Aug 31, 2021
03:00 P.M.
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One day, a woman walked into a vet clinic. She was dragging a wet rabbit on a leash behind her. The poor rabbit looked like it really did not want to be there. "Come on, Fluffy," the woman said to the wet animal.


Fluffy glared at his owner and then suddenly jumped into the lap of another customer, which soaked the poor gentleman's lap and got water all over him and the chairs.

Photo: Shutterstock

Photo: Shutterstock


"I said sit, now there's a good Fluffy," the woman said towards her pet rabbit. But Fluffy, who seemed to be in a rebellious mood, had other plans as he hopped into the middle of the vet waiting room and started to urinate.

"Darn it, Fluffy!" the woman shouted. "Can't you just be good?"

Once Fluffy had relieved himself, he started causing trouble with the other animals in the clinic. First, he jumped up at a Doberman and pursued it out of the clinic, and then it started to thump at a cat.

The woman quickly jumped up to grab Fluffy, and as she was leaving the clinic, she yelled to the other customers, "Pardon me. I've just washed my hare and can't do a thing with it!"

Hopefully she can get control of her rabbit once it dries! | Photo: Pixabay/zoosnow

Hopefully she can get control of her rabbit once it dries! | Photo: Pixabay/zoosnow


Two women were driving on an old country road when suddenly, the driver noticed a rabbit in the middle of the road and immediately stepped on the break to try and miss it.


However, her attempt was in vain as she hit the animal and it lay lifeless in the middle of the road. The two women quickly jumped out of the car to check on the poor adorable animal.

Unfortunately, the rabbit did not look like it would make it. As one of the women was trying to console herself and move the animal off to the side of the road, the other woman walked back to her car.

The rabbit began to hop away! | Photo: Pixabay/Sven Ziegler

The rabbit began to hop away! | Photo: Pixabay/Sven Ziegler


A moment later, she returned and started to spray the animal with a spray can. After a minute of being sprayed, the rabbit suddenly jumped up and started to hop away.

It jumped a few steps and then turned around and waved at the two women. It continued to hop away, but it again turned around and waved at the two women after a few steps. The rabbit did this until the women were out of sight.

The one who had been crying turned to her friend who was holding the spray bottle and said, "Now you have to tell me what was in that spray bottle and how the miracle that we just witness happened?"

The other woman shrugged, held up the spray can to her friend, and said, "I don't know, but it says restore hair with a permanent wave."

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Source: Reddit and Upjoke.

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