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Woman Jumps on Top of a Man's Car Allegedly for No Reason

Dayna Remus
Sep 02, 2021
09:00 P.M.
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In an astonishing video, an erratic woman pounced on top of a vehicle. The owner was red with rage and more than ready to use physical force.


Taking to Twitter, an individual going by the name of 6 Times🏆 #YNWA or @AminNumeroUno shared a strange video on the platform. The clip showed a woman in London, England, jumping on top of a man's car.

There didn't seem to be any obvious reason why she chose to do this as the young lady lightly and nonchalantly hopped onto the vehicle's roof. She appeared to be speaking to another person or people in the distance.

A woman standing on a vehicle’s roof [left]; The owner of the vehicle getting out the car to confront her [right]. | Source: twitter.com/AminNumeroUno


The man in his vehicle quickly jumped out and pushed her as she thudded onto the ground, continuously apologizing while he stood intimidatingly over her. The Twitter user's post read:

"Literally just saw this in forrest gate, its just crazy these days in east London.."

Some individuals in the comment section were befuddled, asking how and why this happened. The poster, 6 Times #YNWA claimed to know what led up to this curious incident.

Individual commenting on a Tweet by 6 Times🏆 #YNWA. | Source: twitter.com/AminNumeroUno


He shared this in his comment section, where he reported that she was first standing on a white Prius's roof before jumping onto the said man's car. The Twitter user wrote:

"Didn't realize there's a trampoline on the roof of super drug [a retail store], must be all connected somehow!"

The poster also stated in separate remarks that she then proceeded to, once again, hop onto another car. However, @AminNumeroUno admitted that he still didn't understand or have any knowledge of her underlying motivation.

Twitter user 6 Times🏆 #YNWA commenting on his own Tweet. | Source: twitter.com/AminNumeroUno


The poster


himself to the hypothesis that she had no actual reason but was merely under the influence of drugs. Another commenter


that even if illegal narcotics were involved, it was still no excuse.

He did not listen and began chanting... while pumping his fist in the air.

One individual claimed that they saw her being arrested not far away from where the incident occurred. The Tweet has received just over 16,000 likes and 4000 retweets.

Individual commenting on a Tweet by 6 Times🏆 #YNWA. | Source: twitter.com/AminNumeroUno


If this scene wasn't uncomfortable enough for onlookers, a man on the New York City subway most likely made everyone feel more than uneasy when he yelled in the face of an elderly woman on a train.

The 27-year-old man chose to ride the tunnel maskless. He began shouting directly at the elderly woman after telling him that she hoped the police would fine him for not wearing one.


She asked him patiently to move away from her, but he did not listen and began chanting “1776,” the year America was found, while pumping his fist in the air. The senior citizen told him to respect his elders, to which he replied that he respects freedom.

Purportedly, no one in the subway intervened. From pushing individuals off cars to screaming in faces, these aggressive altercations are bound to happen, but they tend to cause a great deal of discomfort when they occur in public.

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