Man Discovers a Cache in His Late Grandparents' Abandoned House and Is Left Speechless after Opening It – Story of the Day

Roshanak Hannani
Sep 08, 2021
10:30 P.M.

My grandfather left me his old house back in Tennessee, and I decided to sell it. But when I started renovations, I discovered something Grandpa had talked about when I was little, but I didn't know he was telling the truth.


“To my grandson Daniel, I leave the money in my savings accounts. To my grandson Oscar, I leave my house in Tennessee,” the lawyer read. We were gathered for the official reading of grandfather’s will.

My grandmother died a few years earlier, but Grandpa had been gone for two weeks. I was still devastated. Grandpa had been my biggest supporter for a long time, encouraging my dreams of being a travel photographer.

I discovered a loose floorboard in my grandparent's closet. | Source: Shutterstock

I discovered a loose floorboard in my grandparent's closet. | Source: Shutterstock

He and I loved adventures, especially stories about pirates and hidden treasures. But I couldn’t understand why he left me the house in Tennessee while my brother got his money. Daniel approached me after everyone else had left.

“Hey, man. If you want, we can split the money,” he suggested. He was a great person and knew this distribution was not exactly fair to me. I didn’t want the hassle of a house. It just wasn’t convenient in my line of work.


“Nah, Dan, don’t worry. I can sell the house and probably get even more money than you,” I joked. In reality, the Tennessee home would probably need tons of repairs. No one had lived there for more than ten years after my grandparents retired and moved to Florida.

I started renovating the house on my own. | Source: Pexels

I started renovating the house on my own. | Source: Pexels

“Well, if you need any help, let me know,” Daniel said and left. I decided to fly to Tennessee and check things out. I was right. It needed lots of renovations before I could sell it. But being there was fantastic.

It reminded me of all the times Grandpa and I played around with his books and adventure stories. In the end, I was glad to have this project and ready to remodel it so another family could make their memories here.


I started doing it myself to save some money. Some of the heavy workload would require repairers, but I would worry about that later. I started cleaning things out and throwing away anything that I couldn’t use anymore.

There was a box of memories in their closet. | Source: Pexels

There was a box of memories in their closet. | Source: Pexels

But in Grandpa’s closet, I discovered a box of pictures. There were pictures of Daniel and me, our parents' wedding, our grandparents' wedding, and more. I couldn’t believe they didn't take them to Florida when they moved. I was definitely keeping those.

But I found something even more exciting: a treasure map. Grandpa had made it when I was little during our adventures, and next to the map, there were several pictures of us dressed like pirates. He always told me something was hidden under the house, but I never believed him.


I looked at all those memories for a long time before I started to get up, but I accidentally ripped the rug in the closet with my shoe. So I pulled it completely off, which moved one of the floorboards.

I discovered the treasure Grandpa always talked about. | Source: Unsplash

I discovered the treasure Grandpa always talked about. | Source: Unsplash

That was odd, I thought. These floorboards were solid, but this one was loose on purpose. I turned on the flashlight from my phone and saw several boxes hidden in that cache in my grandparent’s closet.

I took one out and discovered my Grandpa’s coin collection. Some of them were a century old. I took out another box, which contained my grandmother’s precious jewelry. There were diamonds, pearls, rubies, and more. Another case had bars of gold and silver.

I couldn’t believe it. Grandpa had not lied about the treasure under the house. I called Daniel immediately. “Wow. That’s crazy! Grandpa and Grandma left all of that when they moved to Florida?” he said in awe when I explained.


“I can’t believe it either. But some of these things must be worth a fortune. You want to split them?” I asked him.

I called Daniel to tell him all about it. | Source: Pexels

I called Daniel to tell him all about it. | Source: Pexels

“Nah, Oscar. You were a good sport and didn’t complain when you only got the house, and honestly, I don’t need the money. You keep them. After all, you were the one who played pirates with Grandpa. He wanted you to find that treasure,” Daniel said surprisingly.

“But it doesn’t seem fair,” I added, worried.

“Don’t worry about it. Enjoy it! You’re going to have to sell some of those things to renovate the house, and who knows, maybe you’ll finally settle down in a home,” Daniel added before hanging up.


I still thought it was unfair, so when I sold some items for the renovations, I also set aside money in trust funds for Daniel’s kids. Afterward, I bought a proper safe where I placed the rest of the valuable items.

My greatest adventure was right there at home. | Source: Pexels

My greatest adventure was right there at home. | Source: Pexels

When the house was finished, I decided not to sell it and stayed there when I wasn’t traveling. It also became my permanent home years later when I got married to Carla. We had three children, and they all loved playing pirates with me.

I taught them everything about my Grandpa, and we loved making treasure maps together. In the end, my grandfather knew I would appreciate this home more than Daniel and that it wouldn’t hinder my thirst for exploration.

But it was more than that. At some point, I discovered that my greatest adventures were right there with me, laughing in the kitchen, playing around in the backyard, and saying, “I love you.” I couldn’t have asked for anything better.


What can we learn from this story?

  • You might not be able to see the real value of something right away. At first, Oscar was peeved that he didn’t get any money, but his grandfather had left him more than Daniel got.
  • Don’t fight over inheritance. Daniel could have demanded half of what Oscar discovered, but they had a great sibling relationship that would not be ruined by anything.

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