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Couple Is Kicked off a Plane Because They Ignored Flight Attendant's Request

Dayna Remus
Sep 16, 2021
01:40 P.M.
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Flight attendants faced a massive challenge as a highly aggressive pair refused to leave the plane. One of them was violently shouting in the face of a cabin worker. The anxiety of what could happen next hung uneasily in the air.


A video went viral of a defiant couple getting kicked out of the plane by the cabin crew for not adhering to mask regulations. One Instagram user, Alice or @alice.rusa, was one of the individuals who recorded this disconcerting affair.

The clip showed a bordering-on-violent scene with a man and his wife refusing to leave a San Diego-Bound JetBlue plane despite the flight attendant's best and calm efforts. The man stood near the door shouting aggressively at one of the cabin members.

A woman [left] and her partner [right] refusing to leave a JetBlue flight they were being escorted out off for violating mask regulations. | Source: instagram.com/alice.rusa


Meanwhile, this individual's partner was making her way down the aisle to the exit, expressing that she didn't know why they were being kicked off. Speaking to the crew, she exclaimed:

“Everyone I know is an attorney.”

The man kept raising his voice, pushing for the one attendant to turn around and face the passengers. However, the crew member did not do so, and eventually, the flight attendants managed to calmly escort them off, to a round of applause from the commuters.


The passengers weren't the only ones satisfied with the results. Many people in the Instagram comment section shared their delight. A significant portion referred to the pair's alleged drunkenness, with one expressing:

"Everyone she knows is a DUI Attorney. 🥴🍾"

Another individual also shared the clip on Reddit, where most viewers cheered on the patient cabin crew. Redditor PoorPauly sarcastically congratulated the partners on not being able to board the airline's planes again due to their behavior.


The man claimed that he was only given one warning when asked to remove his mask, but they had asked them many times, according to the airline. JetBlue stated that if passengers did not comply with masking mandates after being asked to do so:

“...crew members will work to de-escalate the situation to the best of their ability to gain compliance."

Unfortunately, if this does not work, the air service stated, the individuals need to be removed for the safety of all commuters. JetBlue also revealed that the unruly couple is banned from future flights with the airline.


This pair didn't elicit a sense of compassion concerning the raucous they caused on the plane. However, another man may have tugged heartstrings when he generated a commotion during a flight because of what appeared to be mental issues.

An online clip showed him attempting to deboard an American Airlines plane mid-flight. The passenger growled throughout this, made incoherent statements, and silently spoke under his breath as though he were communicating with someone else.

Some who commented on this video shared on TikTok hypothesized that he was showing signs of psychosis. Whatever it may have been, it is clear that flight attendants have deeply challenging jobs.


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