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Woman Who Was Attacked by Alligator Opens up about the Harrowing Ordeal

Bettina Dizon
Sep 18, 2021
01:00 P.M.
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Lindsay Bull managed to survive a sudden gator attack at her job in the zoo while suffering a ruptured tendon in her arm.


It was an ordinary day for animal handler Lindsay Bull as she fed an 8.5-foot alligator named Darth Gator, one of her usual tasks at work.

However, the reptile unexpectedly clamped onto the 31-year old's hand, pushing Bull to jump within the enclosure.

Lindsay Bull shares her experience wrestling an alligator. | Source: youtube.com/Fox13now



While children were watching as a birthday party took place at Sales and Tails West Valley City Zoo, Bull endured the alligator death roll.

Many witnesses highlighted that Bull was instantaneously pulled into the reptile's confinement with the alligator's strength. However, Bull purposely chose to grapple with the alligator underwater, claiming that it was much easier to survive that way.

"My main objective at that point was to get into the enclosure with him so that I could freely roll at the same time," Bull shared.

Lindsay Bull wrestling an alligator in a zoo. | Source: YouTube/Fox 13 News Utah



The zookeeper explained that by going with the alligator's force, she could control any further damages. In the face of a near-death experience, Bull managed to recall her gymnastics skills, twisting herself along while being flipped over.

Jeffrey Heim, thought a propeller hit him at first but suddenly, the alligator bit his head and arm, resulting in a skull fracture.

Bull was eventually able to pull out of the alligator cage with the help of a guest, Donnie Wiseman, who bravely pinned the alligator down. As soon as she was out, another guest gave her nursing care.


Lindsay Bull in her hospital bed during an interview. | Source: YouTube/Fox 13 News Utah


This isn't the first time that an 8-foot reptile decided to attack a human. An incident was recently reported in Hilton Head Plantation as a woman, quietly strolling with her dog, was suddenly pulled by an alligator.


A female neighbor noticed the commotion and attempted to rescue the woman out of the water. As soon as she realized something was holding on, her husband came to the rescue with a shovel. The department of natural resources later euthanized the animal.

In June, another alligator attack took place along the Myakka River when the wild animal tried to wrestle a 25-year-old Tampa driver.

Warning: The following video contains footage that might be disturbing for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.


The lucky survivor, Jeffrey Heim, thought a propeller hit him at first but suddenly, the alligator bit his head and arm, resulting in a skull fracture.

He was taken to Sarasota Memorial Hospital after where he received medical treatment. Heim, a marine life patron, revealed that he should have been more careful to prevent such occurrences and is grateful to have survived.

Being attacked by an alligator is less likely to happen, but if it does occur, wildlife experts suggest the first thing to do is run, and if it's too late, fight back.