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Teacher Knocks through Wall of His New House and Finds a Doll with Disturbing Warning

Brittany Chalmers
Sep 24, 2021
07:00 P.M.
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A new homeowner was stunned to find a doll inside one of the house's walls. The note that came along with the doll was even more disturbing, and it was certainly not a warm welcome into the abode.


A primary school teacher who lives in England made a scary discovery recently inside his new home. His friends even urged him to move out. This month, Jonathan Lewis excitedly got the keys to his new house, but it already had a tenant.

A doll had been living in the walls, and through a handwritten note, the inanimate object left a message for Lewis. The letter contained a sinister message but wasn't enough to scare away the 32-year-old teacher.

A creepy doll holding an eerie message was discovered behind a boarded wall by a new homeowner | Photo: Twitter/orlandosentinel & Twitter/dailystar

A creepy doll holding an eerie message was discovered behind a boarded wall by a new homeowner | Photo: Twitter/orlandosentinel & Twitter/dailystar



Lewis was clearing some space under his Walton, Liverpool home when he saw two unexpected eyes staring at him. He had used a hammer to knock away at a wall and stumbled upon the eerie doll.

Lewis explained that he knew the home had an empty space under the stairs. The owner who lived in the house before him had a fridge next to the boarded-up area and there was a wire coming out of the wall.



This made him curious to see what was behind the board. He said he made a first-size hole through the wall and then shone some light into the darkened area. When he peered in, "there was a doll just sitting there," Lewis shared.

He quickly realized the doll had a note in its hands. On the piece of paper was a message that would give anyone shivers. It welcomed the "reader/new homeowner" and thanked them for freeing her. She also introduced herself as "Emily."



The letter stated that Emily's owners lived in the home in 1961. The next part of the note is where things took a dark turn. Scribbled in pencil, it stated: "Stabbing was my choice of death for them, so I hope you have knives."

When Lewis showed the bizarre message to his friends, they encouraged him to sell the house and move out as quickly as possible. However, the teacher felt differently and said he probably would've done the same thing.



Lewis offered a few reasons why he wasn't concerned about the doll or the note. He stated that his estate agent told him the kitchen was completed about four or five years ago. Consequently, he didn't believe the doll's claims about coming from 1961.

Lewis also placed doubt on the note itself. He said the paper didn't look very old. He thinks the creepy message and doll were placed inside the wall recently as a funny prank.

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