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Teacher Comes up with Clever 3-Word System to Help Children Get Through a Tough Day at School

Brittany Chalmers
Oct 01, 2021
04:30 A.M.

A fourth-grade teacher thought of a clever way to help her students get through difficult days. Her method is not intrusive and enables her to give kids space and extra care when the need arises.


Parents sometimes know when something is off with their kids. However, they still have to drop them off at school despite their emotional state. One teacher came up with a way to address these situations in a unique way.

Whether a child has had a restless night or received bad news, Rachel Harder believes children should be "handled with care" without providing specifics. Harder is an educator in Hutchinson, Kansas, and she only wants the best for her students.

Teacher creates a special system that shows her when students need some extra care | Photo: Twitter/MineralsScience & Facebook/angiewinnkcbd

Teacher creates a special system that shows her when students need some extra care | Photo: Twitter/MineralsScience & Facebook/angiewinnkcbd


She recently gave all of her students a special message to take home to their parents. Her idea has gone viral, and many parents have praised her for her thoughtful gesture. One person called her "teacher of the year."


Harder said she thought of the idea years ago after she spent some time attending a trauma conference. When a new student with autism came to her class, the teacher began using her "handle with care" system.


The student's mother could give the teacher a note which indicated that her daughter needed some extra care on any given day. Harder expressed: "It's important for me to give kids a few minutes of extra time or space – and it's easy to give."


The fourth-grade teacher has started to use the system with all of her students and their parents. The simple idea gives educators a heads-up that kids may be a little off, and it has been helping.


Harder stated that the "handle with care" system gives children "the grace we all want after a hard night or morning." One parent also said Harder was the type of teacher who would help their children "grow and flourish."

The internet user added:


"It also shows she sincerely cares and it’s not just a “check in the box.” Thank you and well done!!! We need more like her!!!"


Others shared similar experiences they had with children and highlighted the importance of kindness. A netizen said: "the world is a tough place, but there's nothing wrong with showing some kindness to children."

Harder certainly shows her class an abundance of care and kindness. As one netizen expressed: "I want to say thank you to all the amazing educators out there who genuinely care for our little (and not so little) ones."

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