8-Year-Old Boy Was Banned from Schools Because of His Hair in 2020

Brittany Chalmers
Oct 03, 2021
05:30 P.M.

Last year, an 8-year-old boy with long brown wavy hair struggled to find a school that would accept him. His hair did not meet the requirements of various establishments, but his mother is fighting back.


Students don't often enjoy school rules, but sometimes these requirements are viewed as archaic, and people refuse to put up with them in the 21st century. One young boy, Farouk James, has faced some issues because of his hair.

The boy who lives in the United Kingdom and works as a famous child model often has people flocking around him because of his adorable face and luscious locks. However, his school officials didn't feel the same as all of his online fans.

A youngster is struggling to find a school that will accept him because of his long hair, now his mom is campaigning for schools to change | Photo: Instagram/faroukjames

A youngster is struggling to find a school that will accept him because of his long hair, now his mom is campaigning for schools to change | Photo: Instagram/faroukjames


Farouk's mother, Bonnie, has some concerns that officials will try to pressure her youngster into cutting off his waist-length afro. Most of the schools in the country are allegedly against his natural hairstyle, and Bonnie is not staying silent on the issue.


She uses her son's page to share anti-bullying messages and question societal norms. The mother puts forward that Farouk's hair has not been styled or dyed, and he should not be banned for it. She claims his gender is what is causing a problem.



Bonnie believes if Farouk were a girl, he would be allowed to keep his long hair without question. The mother states her son has always had an abundance of hair, even on the first 4D scans in the womb. It has become a part of his identity.

Farouk thinks his locks are "lovely," and Bonnie states that should be the only thing that matters. She said her son was turned away from The London Oratory School, the institution her now-23-year-old son attended years ago.


The mother is now campaigning for change. She said: "We're getting a real team together and calling it the Mane Generation. We're going to fight this until these rules get changed. And it's globally, not just domestically in the U.K."

Bonnie puts forward that various other parents and children are struggling because of their school rules. Whether children are banned because of dreadlocks, afros, or other styles, she believes there is a huge need for change.




Through various online platforms, she shares stories about other families dealing with a similar issue as Farouk. Netizens have rallied to support them in their endeavor.

One user wrote: I hope Faruk keeps his hair until he decides he wants to make any changes." Another person added: "Your hair is FANTASTIC."

While not all of the comments are positive, the overwhelming majority are. Hopefully, for Farouk, he will be allowed into school without changing his hair.

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