Woman, 31, Finds Out She Was Adopted after Taking DNA Test for Fun–Meets Birth Parents Two Weeks Later

Brittany Chalmers
Oct 07, 2021
12:30 A.M.

A woman decided to take a DNA test out of simple curiosity. She didn't expect to find anything unusual in the results, but soon she realized there was more to her birth story.


In September, Amanda Stacy, 31, shared her story with the world. She had wanted to try the Ancestry DNA tests for years but was admittedly "skeptical" about it. She recently shared her experience and what it revealed.

The woman who goes by @stacysinterlude7 on TikTok shared a clip that detailed her results. In the video, she had an overlay text that read: "Finally decided to do it just to see if I could find random family members."

A 31-year-old woman shares how she found out she was adopted | Photo: TikTok/stacysinterlude7

A 31-year-old woman shares how she found out she was adopted | Photo: TikTok/stacysinterlude7


The video continued and revealed a surprising discovery. She didn't see any familiar names, but someone unknown was a 50% match with her. After asking her parents about it repeatedly, they told her the truth. She was adopted.


In the video, Stacy shared: "They told me I was adopted when I was newborn (I'm 31 now) and that the 50% match is my biological mother." She also told viewers she met up with her biological parents two weeks later.



People wanted to know how she felt about the revelation. A commenter wrote: "We need a part two for sure." Stacy delivered on the request and gave netizens a follow-up video. She expressed that she was not "angry, sad," or "betrayed."

Stacy also said she looked very similar to her adoptive mom, so she never thought they were not related. The TikToker explained that they have a similar skin tone, shoe size, and a common height range.



These were factors that contributed to her shock when she found out she was adopted. Stacy said: "I was like 'how could I come from anybody else?'" The TikToker revealed that she wasn't emotional upon hearing the news.

In fact, she comforted her adoptive parents because they were worried she would be upset with them. In contrast, she said she is grateful for them. They gave her a loving family to grow up in and contributed to the person she is today.



The TikToker's parents didn't tell her because they didn't want it to affect her childhood. Stacy is happy about this because she is unsure how she would've responded to the news when she was a teenager. People also had a lot to say about her story.

Many netizens were overjoyed for Stacy and her family. One user said: "Your story is fantastic, and I'm glad you're happy." Others told her to allow room for feelings of anger because of the adoption. Stacy indicated that she will, but for now, she is "at peace."

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