Pregnant Teen Chose Adoption – 33 Years Later, She Reunites with Her Son

Dayna Remus
Oct 02, 2021
08:20 A.M.

Feeling as though her heart had been ripped out of her chest, a young Melanie let go of her newborn, hoping that one day she could hold him in her arms again.


At only 18 years old, Melanie Pressley fell pregnant and had to make a tough choice about her next steps. Ultimately, the teenager chose to give up her son for adoption, taken in by the Vossler family, who named him Greg Vossler.

Pressley's decision to choose the adoption route was based on the fact that her boyfriend, at that time, wanted her to terminate the pregnancy. Therefore, he would not take on the role of being a father.

Since she wanted her baby to have a dad and mother, and knowing that her financial situation was not conducive to providing for a child, the vulnerable teenager thought adoption would be best for the baby. It was not easy, Pressley expressed:

"You go through a mourning period and yet live the rest of your life mourning."

After she gave birth to her son on June 17, 1988, the new biological mother got a chance to hold him even though it was not technically allowed. Her sister decided to take a picture of her holding the baby, which is the only connection she had with him for over 30 years.

Individual commenting an article by News 5 Cleveland shared on Facebook. | Source: facebook.com/MAURY

Individual commenting an article by News 5 Cleveland shared on Facebook. | Source: facebook.com/MAURY


Since giving him up for adoption, a heartbroken Pressley consistently thought about her baby. The young man himself learned about his adoption at around 10 years old. He revealed that his curiosity only peaked in 2019 when he became a grown man with a wife and sons.

Choosing to keep the baby at just 16 years old... [She] sat in a council house, confused and scared.

After discovering the 23andMe test, which was on promotion, Vossler decided to take it to track down his blood-related parents. Following her mother's death and with Pressley always wishing her mom could have met Vossler, she chose to do the same.

Individuals commenting on a YouTube post by News 5 Cleveland. | Source: youtube.com/News 5 Cleveland

Individuals commenting on a YouTube post by News 5 Cleveland. | Source: youtube.com/News 5 Cleveland

Due to this test and after 33 years, the two finally reunited online, sharing emails and texting. Eventually, they met each other in flesh and blood at Pressley's residence in Ohio in June 2021.


When they came face to face, they ended up speaking for hours on end, with Vossler also meeting almost 20 of his blood relatives. Pressley is also planning on traveling to Virginia to meet her biological son's family too.

Speaking about reuniting with him, the emotional Pressley expressed that her heart was filled up again. The biological mom voiced admiration for the wonderful man Pressley had become.

Pressley's decision to give her son up for adoption is one of the many challenging issues surrounding teenage pregnancies. Another struggle is the high level of judgment teens may face for falling pregnant at a young age.

Teenager Lois McIntyre McIntyre from Huyton town in England faced an onslaught of judgment, but the warrior inside her was ready to fight. Choosing to keep the baby at just 16 years old, Lois McIntyre sat in a council house, confused and scared.

Now a decade on, the mom lives with her loving partner, four children, and a viral Instagram account she uses to help other mothers in similar positions. Both of these women may have chosen different paths, but their unique journeys prove perfect for them.

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