October 17, 2021

Mom Left Questioning Daughter after Noticing an X-Rated Illustration in Her Homework

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While going over her daughter’s homework, TikToker Jessica Qaos noticed an X-rated drawing that left her in a twist until the tot hilariously cleared the air.

A woman’s decision to casually scroll through her daughter’s homework revealed a questionable illustration that would go on to make the mom a TikTok sensation.

In the video, the woman, Jesica Qaos, was going over the poetry homework with her little girl. The duo seemed engrossed in matching words that rhymed, reading them out from the workbook.

A screenshot from the viral Tiktok video | Photo:


The first page showed the drawing of a hat, and beside it, a line diagram of a cat. The mom led her daughter, saying, “hat rhymes with…cat!”

For the next illustration, the workbook showed the drawing of a car, which correctly rhymed with “tar,” as the tot was quick to point out.

However, the mom was stumped upon sighting the proposed illustration of a “tar,” which looked disturbingly “different.” The horrified mom quickly asked her daughter what the drawing was, to which she explained, “a car and a guitar.”


Unconvinced by the explanation, the mom helplessly trailed off, “okay….” Perhaps, sensing her mom’s misgivings, the little girl further explained:

“I made it different. I made it with a butt!”

She finished off with a burst of maniacal laughter, evidently pleased with her innocent tweak of the diagram. The video has racked up to 2.8 million views and thousands of comments.

A netizen's comment on the viral Tiktok video | Photo:


Many netizens believed the tot deliberately drew the X-rated illustration going by her mischievous laughter. One TikToker wrote, “The fact that she meant to make it inappropriate, but not that inappropriate.”

Another commenter could almost swear the class teacher showed the illustrations to other teachers and had a good laugh during lunch break. A comment read:

“I almost spit my drink out. I knew it was gonna be funny, but not this.”

A netizen's comment on the viral Tiktok video | Photo:


Some TikTokers recalled having similarly misguided illustrations as kids, without realizing they put down something inappropriate. Others made sarcastic remarks, attracting bouts of laughter from commenters. One woman jeered:

“Apparently I know how to play the guitar.”

Reacting to a comment, Qaos admitted she was stumped after discovering the drawing. She also admitted to dying every time the experience popped up in her head.

A netizen's comment on the viral Tiktok video | Photo:

The mom hoped by making her daughter draw a real guitar and observing the visible differences, she would be able to correct her inappropriate idea of a guitar.