October 18, 2021

Mother Demands Daughter Pay Rent after Discovering She Spends Her Money on Useless Stuff

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The mother of an 18-year-old girl decided to charge her rent after discovering what she had been hiding. Despite working full-time, the girl wasn't contributing to the household expenses and was secretly spending her money on something else. 

Should parents ask their children for rent? This question sparked a debate on Quora and one user shared that her mother asked her for rent at an early age. She secretly saved the rent money for years and then gave it to the girl when she bought a new house and needed furniture. 

Another user wrote that he asked his son for rent and saved it for two years until he could afford a house. A Redditor decided to also charge her daughter rent after discovering what she spent her monthly salary on.


Source: Amomama


A mother asked the Reddit community if she could charge her 18-year-old daughter who worked full-time rent. She revealed that the young girl earned $900 every two weeks and the mother wanted her to contribute $200 to cover her phone plan and car insurance.


However, the girl refused to pay and told her mother that she didn't receive the paycheck because she forgot to clock in at work. When her mother didn't buy her excuse, she said that the money had vanished from her bank account. 

The OP (Original Poster) suspected her daughter was lying because her excuses didn't make sense. It wasn't until she went into the girl's room that she discovered where all the money went.

She was standing outside her daughter's bedroom | Source: Unsplash


OP went into her daughter's room to find a dress she had borrowed from her. To her surprise, the girl's room was filled with Bratz dolls and a vast collection of playsets, planes, cars, buses, and decor items.

"Why didn't I see these things before?" wondered the mother. She realized her daughter was secretly spending her money on these "ridiculous" things while lying about losing her salary.

She wouldn't have objected to buying dolls if the girl had contributed the $200 she asked for to cover her expenses. She discussed the situation with her husband and asked him for a solution. 

Girl with her dolls | Source: Unsplash



Her husband believed that charging rent every month was the only solution. He also suggested they ask her for $500 instead of $200, so she wouldn't have enough money to waste on dolls.

OP also revealed that her daughter frequently misbehaved with them and refused to do house chores. They weren't sure if she would agree to pay rent at all. Another Redditor replied:

"If she’s not paying you guys $200 what makes you think she’s going to pay $500? I think a better idea would be to cancel her phone plan and let her know she won’t be able to drive if you also cancel her insurance. She really needs to learn financial responsibility."


Girl's father looking at insurance paperwork | Source: Pexels

Another user told the OP that she and her husband were very generous. The user suggested they should be more strict with their daughter and make her realize her financial responsibilities. The commenter continued:


"You owe it to her to teach her that responsibility before she enters the real world. She also needs to pitch in with the chores; she’s living in a shared home and needs to do her part. Do not do her laundry for her, or clean up her room, or anything like that."

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