October 17, 2021

Man's Ex Keeps Their Child a Secret from Him after Conversation with His Parents

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Two years after their breakup, the man finds out his ex hid her pregnancy from him. He severely condemns her and decides to get custody of the baby and kick her out of his son’s life but learns the nasty truth about his parent's involvement.

In a recent Reddit post, user aitatheyknew revealed how a terrifying secret about her brother’s ex shattered their family. Their older son stopped talking to them, and they blamed her for it.  

Around two years ago, the Original Poster (OP) ’s brother dated a woman named Addie. His parents were excited about his relationship and even liked his partner. However, they didn’t want him to marry her.


Man yells at his parents for giving his ex a weird ultimatum | Photo: Amomama

Eventually, OP’s brother and his girlfriend had an ugly breakup. The reasons that led to the split are unknown. But OP’s parents were happy about the split. She explained:


“My parents liked her, but they didn’t want my brother to marry her, so they were happy about the breakup.”

OP’s brother and his ex separated just as the parents wanted. However, five months later, Addie contacted OP’s parents to tell them she was pregnant with their grandson but to her dismay, the senior couple’s reaction was the opposite of what she expected.

Addie decides to reveal her pregnancy to her ex's parents | Photo: Unsplash


Addie sat down for a conversation with her ex’s parents, hoping they would accept her and her child. in the end, she vanished for two years and never told her ex about the pregnancy.  But OP and Addie had mutual friends, so it was easy for Addie to contact her and reveal the disturbing secret behind her disappearance. OP said:

“We still have mutual friends, so we reconnected about 3 months ago, and she told me all of this a month ago.”

Addie revealed that when she visited her ex’s parents and told them about her pregnancy, they threatened to file for sole custody of her baby. They warned her they’d keep the baby away from her if she got their son involved. However, they agreed to financially support her as long as she kept it a secret. 


Her ex's parents give her a terrible ultimatum | Photo: Pexels

For two years, Addie never met OP’s brother, and he had no clue that he had a child. OP decided to keep the secret, but her brother found out two weeks later.


In the heat of the moment, she told her brother how their parents threatened his ex that she would never see her baby if they got custody.

He condemned his ex and blamed OP for not telling him the truth as soon as she found out. He was furious and decided to file for sole custody of his son. He lashed out at his ex saying it was the only way to make her realize what he went through.

OP's brother is infuriated with his ex | Photo: Pexels


During a family dinner, OP’s brother and their father started planning how to get custody. But OP tried to stop them and her brother was shocked. OP explained:

“My brother exploded at me and was ranting about how she had kept his son from him, and now she would know how that felt…My parents were agreeing with him and telling me off too.”

OP got frustrated and in the heat of the moment, she told her brother how their parents threatened his ex and forced her to keep the child a secret. Her brother was furious and stopped speaking to their parents while the parents condemned OP for telling her brother the truth.

The parents blame OP for telling the truth to her brother | Photo: Pexels


After reading her post, several people vented their anger towards OP's parents and criticized them for blackmailing her brother's ex. Some thought even OP was pretty mean for not telling the truth as soon as she found out.

Do you think OP could’ve alerted her brother long back instead of breaking it open during a heated conversation? We’d love to hear from you! If you liked this story, you’d like this one about a dad getting a secret paternity test for his son after noticing the boy doesn’t resemble him.