October 15, 2021

Woman Confused after Man Follows Her to Her Apartment for Five Miles to Pay a Compliment

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A woman was fuming after a man purportedly invaded her privacy and followed her home. His justification for the actions left the TikToker feeling even more outraged. 

A 23-year-old from Austin, Texas, recently told online viewers about an experience that made her uncomfortable. In October, McKenzie, who goes by @buzzcutkenny, was livid and didn't hold back her emotion. 

The TikToker explained that she returned home to her apartment block and noticed that a car pulled in just after her. She didn't think much of it until the driver wedged his vehicle between hers and the garage.   

A woman is outraged and shares an uncomfortable experience wherein a stranger followed her home to pay her a compliment | Photo: TikTok/buzzcutkenny



Retelling the story, McKenzie stated that her heart was pounding. She then indicated that the stranger motioned for her to roll down her window. Unsure of what to do, she complied and asked if she could help him.

The man's answer shocked her. Before she realized why the man was there, he asked her a few personal questions. He wanted to know if she lived at the apartment complex.



In the clip, she stated that she said a loud "no!" He proceeded to ask if she was from Austin. Again, she said: "No! I'm visiting a friend." His following statement was what tipped the woman over the edge. 

According to her, the man replied: "I've been following you for five miles." She added that he told her he had seen her at a traffic light and followed her home to tell her she was pretty.



She asked viewers in what world would his behavior be appropriate. Users were quick to respond, and the clip gained close to 100,000 likes and countless comments. 

Many netizens agreed with her and found the stranger's actions outrageous. One commenter wrote: "When you pass someone that is pretty or whatever, you just think 'she's pretty' and go about your day."

Commenters respond to a woman that shares she was followed home by a stranger who wanted to pay her a compliment | Photo: TikTok/buzzcutkenny



The netizen added that it wasn't necessary to stalk someone to tell them something nice about their appearance. However, not everyone believed her story, and some also said she should have been flattered by the compliment. 

A person shared: "While I do understand where you are coming from, your choice of words could use improvement." Various users in the comment section of her clip stood up for the woman.

Netizens react to a woman that shares she was followed home by a stranger who wanted to pay her a compliment | Photo: TikTok/buzzcutkenny



Online community members noticed how men seemed to be missing the point. With a rolled eye emoji, one person stated: "Wow, the boys in these comments ..." Another said: "The problem is the 'men' defending his actions in these comments." 

Despite the backlash, McKenzie stuck to her views and expressed that these interactions should never be okay. She also expressed that citizens needed to do more to protect women.  

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