October 19, 2021

Woman Helps Dad Search for Owner of Stuffed Monkey Left by a Family in His Car during 9/11

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When we were kids, toys filled our days with wonder, whether we played with "cars," barbie dolls, or teddy bears. In one case, a baby lost her precious stuffed monkey in a storm of chaos, but a man has kept it safe for her all these years. 

9/11 remains one of the most striking events in the collective global memory. However, Americans, especially those who lived in New York City, bore the brunt of the trauma that still exists within their minds. 

There were those during this moment of utter panic who chose to help others. Abe Wachsman is one of those individuals who has the strangest souvenir to remind him of the day that rocked the United States to its core. 


A stuffed monkey. | Source:


On September 11, 2001, Wachsman was driving to work in Lower Manhatten as if it was any other day. Listening to the radio, he heard that an airplane had struck one of the World Trade Center towers, soon finding himself in a traffic jam following the sound of a jet up above. 


The traffic cops turned the drivers around, and then as if out of a movie, he saw individuals walking along covered in ash. Wachsman decided to help by giving them a ride to a safer area, far away from the area around where the terrorist attacks had occurred. 

One group of passengers was a couple with a baby. Wachsman helped them in, noticing they were not from New York. Once he had dropped them off, he noticed that their child had left her stuffed monkey in the car and, knowing he was unlikely to find them again, Wachsman has kept the toy ever since. 



His daughter Jessica Wachsman-Selznick. on the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks, decided that she wanted to try and find the owner. She took to Facebook and Twitter to share pictures of the toy monkey in both posts. In her Tweet, she penned

"Please help my dad find the owner of 9-11 monkey."

The Twitter user explained that the stuffed toy had tagged along as a "passenger" in every car he had had since the tragedy occurred. Wachsman-Selznick requested that anyone with information email her at 




The Twitter post has become quite popular, accumulating 54 likes,16 Quote Tweets, and 46 ReTweets. Many sent luck her way, hoping that she eventually finds the original owner. A lot of individuals expressed appreciation and compassion towards the touching gesture. 

To think that a grown woman is sitting out there unaware of this heartfelt story and the man who looked after her toy for so many years is a testament to the curious beauty of life. 

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