October 19, 2021

Woman in Apparent Distress Leaves Cashier a Secret Note Saying She's Going to Be Hurt

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The police sought the help of the public in identifying a woman in distress after she passed a secret note to a store cashier seeking assistance.

A South Carolina supermarket employee proved to be the key factor in rescuing a woman from the hands of her would-be oppressor. Officers located and rescued the victim thanks to a note she left with the cashier.

The incident took place on Thursday, October 14, at a Food Lion supermarket in Clover, South Carolina. The woman reportedly walked into the store in the company of a man, who remained by her side as she shopped for some items and settled the bills.

A picture of the store employee and the distressed survivor at the grocery store | Photo:


Before exiting the supermarket, the woman slipped a small written note into the cashier’s hands discreetly. When the store employee read its contents, she became dumbstruck.

The note was a distress call from the woman, implying she needed saving from the man accompanying her, who she feared was going to hurt her. The cashier alerted other staff members and the management, who proceeded to involve the police. 

In their effort to identify the woman in due time, the York County Sheriff’s office sought the help of the public, sharing a picture of the victim obtained from the store’s CCTV footage.


They recounted the incident in an accompanying write-up, describing her potential abuser as a Hispanic male in a black shirt. The duo left the store in a black GMC truck heading towards Rock Hill on Highway 274, also pictured in the Facebook post.

Several netizens immediately offered their assistance in finding the woman with several suggestions and pointers. Many shared the posts on other platforms for wider coverage, while others prayed officers would locate her before it became too late. A comment read:

“Please Lord, help this woman find safety!!!”

An update by the police page on Facebook | Photo: Facebook/York County Sheriff's Office


Meanwhile, some people criticized the cop for making the search public, saying they were only putting the pictured victim in harm’s way. One 



“This is one of the reasons so many women are too afraid to seek help. God help her if he sees this.”

The prayers, hard work, and resilience of members of the public and the cops finally paid off. In an updated post, the Sheriff’s department confirmed the woman had been located and was rescued safely.

A concerned netizen's comment on the Police Facebook post | Photo: Facebook/York County Sheriff's Office


They also thanked the public for assisting the police department in identifying the woman and ensuring her safety. Although the case has since been closed, the Executive Director of Safe Space has used the incident to sensitize the public on the dangers of domestic violence.

She also urged women in abusive relationships to not hesistate to seek help from trusted people around them and the national domestic violence hotline.