October 23, 2021

Woman Set Up Cameras with Voice Recording in Her Bedroom & Angers Her Roommate – Life Story

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A woman took to Reddit to ask other users if it was alright to set up a camera in her bedroom after her housemate accused her of spying on her. 

People set up cameras in their houses when they suspect unusual activity. A Redditor felt the same after moving in with her new roommate. 

However, things took an unusual turn when her roommate discovered that the camera also recorded audio. The woman asked other Redditors if she did the right thing by refusing to take it down after her roommate lost her temper. 

Source: Amomama


A Reddit user named Past-Repeat4428 moved into an apartment a few months ago. She shared the space with a friend. They signed an agreement stating that they weren't allowed to enter each others' private spaces without permission. However, the Redditor explained that her roommate wasn't sticking to the contract, saying:

"Within the first few months she made comments that suggested she was going into my bedroom when I wasn’t at home and when I was sleeping."

Her room was at the end of a hallway, so she put up blackout curtains to maintain privacy since she had to leave her room to enter her bathroom across the hall.


Girl going to take a shower | Source: Pexels

OP (Original Poster) also had a pet dog living with her in her bedroom. He began displaying strange behavior, like being afraid to leave his crate, that hinted someone was visiting her room behind her back.


Curious, the woman wanted to see what was happening in her room when she was out. She set up a motion-sensing camera to record footage if there was movement in her room that would only work when she was out or asleep.

She expected only to see recordings of her pets because her roommate had no reason to enter her room especially. After all, her room was at the end of the hall and out of the way.

OP sitting with her dog in her room | Source: Unsplash


One day,  OP posted an adorable clip of her dog captured by the surveillance camera. To her surprise, her roommate was offended after she saw the clip.

OP replied, "Four months left on the lease and then I'm out!"

OP's roommate accused her of spying on her by recording audio. She explained that the camera doesn't record unless it senses movement, but her roommate insisted that she remove the camera from her room.

Security camera in OP's room | Source: Unsplash


She agreed to turn off the audio recording feature but refused to take the camera down, explaining that she installed them to keep an eye on her dog while she was away. She wrote:

"I have no interest in her conversations, just maintaining my privacy in my own room and more importantly my dog’s safety."

After reading OP's post, several users shared their thoughts. One user advised her to replace the curtain with a used door and a cat flap, saying it wouldn't cost her more than $100. 

They advised her to buy an old door | Source: Unsplash


Another user assured OP that it was her right to install the camera, and she didn't need to feel guilty about it. They suggested she move into another apartment, to which OP replied:

"Four months left on the lease and then I'm out!"

A Redditor named HoldFastO2 logically explained that OP wasn't at fault because she installed the camera to record movement inside her section of the house and was not intruding on her roommate's space.

OP using Reddit app on her phone | Source: Unsplash

They also asked if she could put a lock on her door, to which OP replied she doesn't use the lock frequently because her cats scratch at the door if they can't open it. 

Most users supported OP's decision not to remove the camera. If you liked reading this story, you might like this one about a woman who caught her parents spying on her smartphone.