October 25, 2021

Woman Installed Hidden Cameras to Confirm Suspicions about Husband's Drinking

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A woman came back home and found beer cans in the trash. Worried, she confronted her husband, who denied that he had anything to do with it.

However, the Reddit user throw_worriedwife was concerned and decided she would get to the bottom of the matter. She wanted to know what went on in the house when she was at work.

For the Original Poster (OP) to find the answers she sought, she knew there was only one way to monitor what goes on in her absence.

Photo: Amomama


The OP lived with her husband and kids, of which the youngest was a minor at the time. Her oldest son was 20 years old and of legal age to drink.

However, she had already suspected that her husband was drinking too much. In addition, he had blamed their son for the beer cans in the trash, but she had no proof if he was telling the truth.

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Commenting on her post, which she shared around a year ago, many users sympathized with the woman. Use Cool-Tomato-5868 told the OP how she had also suffered the same in a comment that read:

"I went through the same second-guessing and mania that comes with trying to track down and monitor their drinking. Don't do it."

The user further added that the OP should set boundaries, save and stop torturing herself. She believed that being with an alcoholic would cause the OP more pain.

Hidden camera installed | Photo: Pexels


Besides, her husband had promised her that he would stop drinking whenever he was alone and leave his drinking to social events. But she felt he had been drinking a lot for months before the beer can incident.

She had tried to confront him several times, but he had always made excuses, and she could no longer bear not knowing and the suspected lies.

So, she installed cameras in their pantry and closet because those were the two places she had caught him drinking in the past.

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She was determined to prove that she wasn't going crazy with suspicions, as her husband had earlier refused therapy and a breathalyzer. She wanted to catch the drinker in the act.

Five days after setting up the cameras, she caught her husband drinking vodka in their bedroom closet. She decided she was not going to keep it to herself.

Now, she wasn't mad that he was drinking, but she was angry that he lied about it instead of admitting that he had taken a few drinks.

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When she confronted him with the evidence, she said he went ballistic on her and started calling her horrible names. He went on to accuse her of making him drink because she was so controlling.

In all the years they have been married, she had never felt for once that she had been overly controlling. All she wanted was a husband who didn't have to drink seven days a week.

She wanted to be sure she was coming back home to a sober and not a drunk husband but does not blame him because she knows alcoholism is a disease.

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After she revealed the condescending names, her husband called her; another user, ConsultJimMoriarty, made sure she knew this was normal behavior exhibited by alcoholics. The user said,

"We (alcoholics) are so, so, so good at lying and manipulating, to ourselves the most."

The user further revealed that the huge circle of lying. Alcoholics lie so they can drink, drink so they can lie, and then drink the guilt away, which ends up with more guilt and drinking so they wouldn't have to deal with their feelings and actions.

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However, for the OP, this was the nail in the coffin of their marriage. She understood why her husband was upset over the camera incident and didn't trust her anymore, but she had genuine reasons for her actions.

Even though Redditors supported her decision, her friends believed she should have left him rather than doing what she did.

She later deleted irrelevant footage but kept the footage of him drinking if she needed it in court after leaving him.

Woman going through footage she doesn't need and deleting them | Photo: Pexels

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If you or someone you know is struggling with alcoholism, please contact the Alcohol Abuse and Addiction Hotlines at 1-866-511-1308, 1-866-504-6815, 1-866-709-0213, 1-866-685-5770, 1-866-208-7552, or go to